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To think local council owned lesure centre has wasted money by buying jet skis

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jdoe8 Wed 12-Apr-17 17:08:11

By buying jet skis for the indoor pool - just like this

they have cut opening hours, many machines are broken at a time and the showers are very unreliable.

Has anyone else's local pool bought these? Surely a pool is for swimming in not playing with electric toys?

mselastic Wed 12-Apr-17 17:10:11

Our local centre charges for use of water skis and it is profit making- so a worthwhile investment.

Will your council be charging for the use?

Cocklodger Wed 12-Apr-17 17:11:57

Depends on how much revenue they bring.
The increased profits may provide a much needed and sustained cash injection

jdoe8 Thu 13-Apr-17 14:59:05

They charge, but not much more than a normal swim and there are only a few skis so don't see how it will make more money. It also is cutting into the very limited time the pool is open for swimming.

user1471521456 Thu 13-Apr-17 15:15:47

How busy are they when the pool is open for general swimming? If not very busy, they might think it worth while to reduce swimming time and increase revenue in other ways. If it's jam-packed during general sessions, then you probably have a point.

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