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To think it is no too much to ask...

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HeadsDownThumbsUpEveryone Wed 12-Apr-17 11:45:50

Ok so we brought our house in early March and since moving in have continued to get the previous owners post, which we kind of expected. However he has visited us several times to collect mail, which we have been putting back in the post with stickers on as he won't give us his new address and we don't really want him turning up to collect it every few weeks. We did discuss Royal Mail redirect, as this is what we have done but he said it was too expensive hmm.

Any way this morning we have received an Easter egg for the previous owners child, the package was open so the postie knocked and we took it in amongst other post, he was gone before we realised what it was. The stupid thing is the egg says from Auntie D on the back, so I aibu to expect that in the whole time we have lived here they might have told their own sister they have moved!

Ps: what should I do with the egg we have no forwarding address and after firm words about us not being his own personal mail redirection service I cannot see him coming back any time soon? Also now I know it's chocolate it's taking lots of self restraint not to gobble it up and deny it's existence. grin

NoCapes Wed 12-Apr-17 11:48:16

Eat the egg!

Heratnumber7 Wed 12-Apr-17 11:48:59

Auntie D may not be a sister. My DDs used to call all sorts of people Auntie and Uncle, family and non family.

I'd keep it for a bit and then eat it if no-one turns up to claim it.

Might be worth posting the chaps name on here with some other details in case anyone knows the family. Might be a data protection issue though.

CakesAreBiscuitsToo Wed 12-Apr-17 11:49:53

Eat it! Eat it!

booloobalooloo Wed 12-Apr-17 11:49:58

I would keep it till after Easter. Just cos it's for a child and I have mistakenly sent mail to a wrong address before when someone has moved even tho they had sent me the new address. But after Easter... yum yum yum!

HeadsDownThumbsUpEveryone Wed 12-Apr-17 11:58:26

I never considered it might not be an actual aunt, it is a nice looking egg though so she must quite like the child grin. How long after Easter are we thinking is acceptable should I want to eat it.... wink

purpleleotard Wed 12-Apr-17 12:07:24

Label all post to the pervious owner as "Gone Away RETURN TO SENDER' then put into a post box.
If you keep forwarding then the sender thinks that they are using the correct address.
Eat the egg.

pipsqueak25 Wed 12-Apr-17 12:07:26

he's a knob, he can have it redirected for 3 months for under £35 . [.ex postie]
egg ? deny and enjoy grin

HeadsDownThumbsUpEveryone Wed 12-Apr-17 12:15:36

But Purple that's exactly what we have been doing, the stickers are not for his new address we don't know it, so they just say not known at this address and then it all gets shoved into a post box when I go into town.

I did think that Pipsqueak, we had ours done for about 6 months and it still wasn't too much about £45 I think. I feel like I deserve to eat the egg to cope with the stress of the whole situation. grin

RedSkyAtNight Wed 12-Apr-17 12:23:09

Early March is only a month ago. I wouldn't necessarily have got round to telling everyone (and everyone includes not particularly close to me siblings) our new address in that time and many people will assume that there is a redirect on so sending to the old address will get letters/parcels to the right place!

PatSajack Wed 12-Apr-17 12:24:55


PinkHeart59156816 Wed 12-Apr-17 12:25:28

People that don't redirect post/tell places the new address annoy me, it's just laziness really isn't it

Eat the egg

NoCapes Wed 12-Apr-17 12:26:36

Eat it

pipsqueak25 Wed 12-Apr-17 12:27:16

i really want to see a photo of this egg tbh grin

HeadsDownThumbsUpEveryone Wed 12-Apr-17 12:46:45

RedSky - I cannot believe that even if you were not close to your siblings the fact you had moved house would not have come up at all in a month. It only takes a 1 quick text to everyone in your phone contacts to tell them your new address.

PinkHeart - Yes it is the biggest example of laziness ever and also frustrating when you have 6 million other things to do that you have to sort out someone else's mail because they are too lazy to complete a 1 page form online to sort it out themselves. hmm

I think I am wavering towards eating the egg, I would post a picture, but then I would not be able to deny it's existence. grin

RedSkyAtNight Wed 12-Apr-17 13:58:42

I'd probably know they'd moved house, but not necessarily the new address in a month. Actually thinking about it I don't think my brother ever got round to telling him me his new address last time he moved - I had to ask him what it was when we wanted to visit!

We only talk a couple of times a year and neither of us like text (no idea what is mobile number even is). I don't think this sort of family dynamic is sooo unusual?

crazycatgal Wed 12-Apr-17 14:18:16

Eat it wink

PurpleMinionMummy Wed 12-Apr-17 14:46:17

We had this too. Previous occupier said he had an important letter and thought it might have came to ours. I told him it hadn't (I'd already returned to sender after seeing it was from the solicitors who did the conveyancing from their end on the actual house sale fgs hmm). If it's so bloody important tell them your new address then! Didn't hear from him or get anymore post for him after that.

user1483387154 Wed 12-Apr-17 14:54:28

Eat it!

Justmadeperfectflapjacks Wed 12-Apr-17 14:57:28

We have rented for 2 years now and still get their post!! Lazy fooks. .

LadyPW Wed 12-Apr-17 16:05:35

I think you should wait a while before eating it just in case. I'd say that until Sunday would be a reasonable length of time grin

mirime Wed 12-Apr-17 16:18:59

We used to get post for nearly all the previous owners of our first house, including info about shares one of them owned, debt collection letters for the daughter of the people we bought off and memorably a catalogue for hardcore German porn for the person before them.

Our current house we just get post for about 5 other addresses around us that are vaguely similar.

SauvignonBlanche Wed 12-Apr-17 16:26:00

I've had a Christmas card for the previous occupants every single year, can't send it back as there's no forwarding address.

We've been here 20 years this year. hmm

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