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To feel annoyed the so many of the girls toys have the underlying message that you need to change you're appearance to be pretty

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Beadoren Tue 11-Apr-17 08:43:35

I'm sure this has probably been done to death. Nonetheless, every single toy advert I have seen for toys marketed at older girls is horrendous. There is that lipgloss truck, there, the bead bracelet maker. The Lelli Kelli shoes with the makeup inside (in case, you know, your 9yo wants to cover those unsightly eye bags). There's even that horrible Belle head where it actually says "Belle needs to look her best".

I'm not actually totally against kids playing with Jewelry or playing dress up/makeup, but it seems that the undertone of every single girls advert is "plus you can adorn yourself with this lipgloss/Jewelry and look so preeeeeety!"

My son has absolutely no idea how pretty he is. Why would he? The toys he plays with aren't pigeonholing him.

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