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to ask for all of the money back from a hotel?

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Pukepukepuke Tue 11-Apr-17 00:00:39

I'm lying in bed now, unable to sleep in the worlds shittest hotel st £200 a night. Oh and children in room one, bed was so small and uncomfortable I gave up trying to sleep and asked if they had a spare single. First one they gave me the door lock came off in my hand and now I'm in room 3 on worlds most uncomfortable bed. The first room is falling to pieces and is filthy, hairs everywhere etc.

can I just ask them for a fun refund?

Whynotnowbaby Tue 11-Apr-17 08:11:31

Is it part of a chain? If so I would absolutely ask for one and go to head office with photos of the problem if no luck. You can then move onto Twitter if you still have no success. If it's privately owned I would still ask, remind them of the problems you have had, show them photos and politely but firmly tell them it is unacceptable at any price but especially for £200. Poor trip advisor review and again twitter if necessary if the problem remains unresolved.

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