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To ask for genuine, real birth stories!?

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FunkyChunkyCherub Mon 10-Apr-17 23:13:49

First baby due in 3 months - I'm not scared of labour at all (maybe I should be grin) but I feel like everyone I know has painted an unrealistic picture for me! I've either had a vague 'it was hell but worth it for my little bundle of joy' or 'I quite liked the experience, it was empowering and real I love what a woman's body can do' etc. All very lovely but I want details!

How long did it last? How painful? What drugs (if any)? Did you shit yourself?! I need some answers!! grin

Woomebaby Mon 10-Apr-17 23:17:43

1. Induced at 38 weeks, gas and air, pethadin, episiotomy, not awful but not great

2. Home birth , 2 hrs, water pool, no drugs or gas and air. Lovely quick Labour

3. Emergency c section, waters broke at 36 weeks, didn't go into labour, monitoring was weird so they did a c section. Baby was fine

4. Another home birth, vbac, 7 hrs, hated the pool, pushed for 20 mins, baby fine, no stitches

That's natural Labour, induced Labour, c section and VBAC for me!

Andanothermakestwo Mon 10-Apr-17 23:18:58

No didn't poo myself grin. Truth is it's not really a whole load of fun but it's not like someone cutting your leg off. The pain is bearable

SalemSaberhagen Mon 10-Apr-17 23:19:49

56 hours. Back labour that hurt more than I could ever imagine. Gas and air, a shot of pethadine (I fucking hated this, I would not recommend) and finally an epidural for the last 4 hours because I had to go on the drip as I had been stuck at 6cm for 8 hours. Ended up with forceps and a tear and episiotomy. It was brutal. I'm sorry, you asked for honest!

BUT it was all worth it! Every bloody second. I'd do it again and again for my girl.

HerculesMulligan Mon 10-Apr-17 23:21:30

Very overdue baby, induction with lots of interventions and a scary moment towards the end, but baby was absolutely fine and sailed through all of the newborn checks and milestones. Despite the complications, it didn't hurt as much as I thought it would.
I was very uncomfortable but never distressed or panicking. It took me most of a year to be fully physically recovered but I'm unusual in that, I know. I'd do it again tomorrow.

SalemSaberhagen Mon 10-Apr-17 23:22:05

Oh and I didn't poo myself! As she was coming out the doctor announced that there was an offensive smell. I took massive umbrage thinking he had told the whole room that I had shit myself. It turned out to be an infection in my water, I never pooed. DP owed me £5 because I won that bet!

HerculesMulligan Mon 10-Apr-17 23:22:21

Ha! I hadn't read Salem's post but she and I are clearly of one mind.

HecateAntaia Mon 10-Apr-17 23:22:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Shitonmyshoe Mon 10-Apr-17 23:22:57

When expecting my first my mum was very honest. She described it as feeling like you are splitting in two from the arsehole and she did shit herself while having megrin I've had four via natural birth, it hurts. No point in bullshitting. You will be ok, just expect it to be painful.

MrsBungle Mon 10-Apr-17 23:24:21

Dc1 - 52.5 hours with back to back baby. Awful labour. Got even worse with episiotomy and forceps with no pain relief (became emergency and dd had to come out quickly). I'd expected a lovely hypnobirth hmm

Dc2 - 1 hour 54 minutes of easy labour - I've had worse headaches. Out very easily in 3 pushes - I felt great. Had that been my only experience of giving birth I wouldn't have a clue why anyone would say it's hard or sore!

MommaGee Mon 10-Apr-17 23:24:34

Spontaneous labour at 35 weeks, didn't dilate. EMCS 7 hours after labour started / 31 hours after waters broke.

donajimena Mon 10-Apr-17 23:25:03

Number one. Hurt to hell as I was induced and refused an epidural until it got worse.. then I begged for one. He arrived safe and well. No injuries.
Number 2: went into labour naturally and 26 hours later gave birth without intervention but plenty of gas/air/pethidine. Only 3 of the 26 hours were awful. Again no injuries.
My births were straightforward but I don't think you can ever prepare for the pain. Take everything that's offered. <awaits flaming>

CharleyDavidson Mon 10-Apr-17 23:25:37

DD1 - 4 weeks early spontaneous labour. Was going to be induced a few days later due to lack of amniotic fluid anyway but was saved that by going into labour anyway.
Started at 6am with slowly leaking waters and period type pains. Lasted much of the day. Waters finally went with a gush later on. Had pethidine (made me vom) and lots of gas and air. Was very much in my own world, zoning DH out to deal with it. Didn't feel the crowning. Did tear when DD made her entrance at 12.35 the next morning. Also then had a huge bleed and nearly died (BP 60/40 at one point) so there was a bit of buzzer ringing drama and running consultants at one point, followed by a transfusion. All well though. Had to stay in for 6 days as DD was small but healthy, but developed jaundice and had light therapy.

DD2. Plenty of water, but still went into labour 4 weeks early. Again with slowly leaking waters...(a little bit with each mild pain). We were out at dinner when I stood up to go to the loo and got the full gush of waters - thank goodness for black trousers! Whizzed home to drop DD1 off with my sister and then back to the hosptial. Went into labour at 7.30pm and by the time I was at the hospital I was 4cm. Was a bit scarier this time as it was faster and harder labour. Had wanted to try an epidural but there wasn't time, so it was just gas and air again as I didn't want to be sick with pethidine again. DD2 was born by 11.30, so a 4 hour experience.
Tore again. Stitches under gas and air - more painful than the labour! No scary bleeding. Home the next morning.

Chickendipper12 Mon 10-Apr-17 23:26:11

My first was easy. 5 hours start to finish I was 9cm when I got to the hospital 15 mins late she was here. No gas or anything

My second was horrid. Only a 6 hour labour. My waters had been leaking for a week which made pushing a hell of alit worse, baby pooped while inside, his heart rate kept dropping which put me in a panic. Morphine and gas.

But its not completely awful xx

ExplodedCloud Mon 10-Apr-17 23:28:19

How long did it last? 13 hours
How painful? How to answer that? It bloody hurt to the point I thought I'd need something stronger but I coped. I remember thinking I can't do this, I think I'd like a caesarian just before the end and getting cross about that saw me through.
What drugs (if any)? Has and air
Did you shit yourself?! I think so but I'm not sure.

user1482079332 Mon 10-Apr-17 23:29:33

Waters broke, induced, back labour, active labour 20mins with only gas and air.

Next time I'm going full hippy and having a home birth. Midwives didn't believe I was In labour had to beg for an examination. There was no dignity.

Physical side was painful but I'd do it again

gemsparkle84 Mon 10-Apr-17 23:29:38

Hi smile

I had a really great induction which apparently isn't all that common so happy to share smile

Induced at 39 weeks at 2.30pm with pessary
Moved on to antinatal Ward as labour suite getting too busy
5.30pm getting pretty strong contractions 2-3 minutes apart
7pm pessary removed to see if I could keep going on my own
Contractions continued
11pm waters broke 1cm dilated
Very quick and painful labour with gas and air as pain relief (no room on labour suite to have anything stronger) NO I'M NOT KIDDING
Begged for pain relief for a couple of hours, still no room
2.30am 9cm finally got wheeled round to labour suite- and promptly delivered a shot of diamorphine
2.35am bliss grin
3:27 delivered my gorgeous daughter with the assistance of my friend the gas and air

So apart from almost delivering my baby in the middle of an antenatal Ward hmm the experience was painful but good 👍🏻

I shit myself a tiny bit but didn't care and it was dealt with discreetly and quickly.

Good luck and seriously don't worry about the birth xx

Popskipiekin Mon 10-Apr-17 23:29:40

DC1: waters broke at 38 weeks but no labour so was induced. 10 hours, the last 5 of sheer misery really. Lots of interventions - failed epidural, eventual ventouse delivery. Baby and I totally fine. Couldn't believe how painful it all was.

DC2: waters broke with no warning and baby out within 90 mins. Same level of pain just for far less time. No pain relief. Don't want to do it again, thanks. I don't think I "do" labour very well at all.

AlrightBabby Mon 10-Apr-17 23:29:51

1. Slow labour so sent home from hospital, water broke 3 hours later, 12 houors of labour followed, only had gas and air, ventouse delivery of 13lb DS cos of shoulder dystocia (sp??), no pain at the time but bad tear hurt afterwards

2. No pain relief as 11.5lb DS decided he was coming NOW as soon as we got to hospital. I might have peed as I pushed blush

No poo was reported by DH, who would have loved to tell me

angelikacpickles Mon 10-Apr-17 23:30:39

DD - waters broken at 11am, contractions at about 2pm, pethidine at 6pm, fully dilated at about 9.30pm, DD born at 11.01pm. Pretty bad painwise between about 7 and 9pm but grand once I started pushing.

DS - first contraction at home at 2.17am, DS born at 5.29am in hospital. Fairly intense but quick!

Both of my babies were OP (facing up) so they were harder to push out.

SilverdaleGlen Mon 10-Apr-17 23:30:49

1 - back to back labour after sweep, 3 days in total, really fucking hurt and ended in a natural birth with epidural (bliss) and episiotomy. The after affects of which were crawling up the stairs in agony as my back hurt.

2 - hypnobirthing fast, easy just G&A though barely made it to hospital. Easy recovery though I did tear it never hurt.

3 - back to back again but with hypnobirthing pain was manageable on G&A, baby got stuck but managed to have a natural delivery (touch and go though). Afterwards felt like I'd been kicked repeatedly by a horse in the bottom! Only lasted a day though and I kept the gas and air <<druggie>> then felt fine.

DEFINITELY pooed myself while walking to hospital on DD2 blush

lorisparkle Mon 10-Apr-17 23:32:27

I have 3 ds and have never been in labour! All planned c-sections but all for different reasons. All I can say from my own and friends experiences is that you can never plan, never predict and no two labours are the same. I had high expectations for my first then felt a failure as had to have c-section. I wish I had been more realistic and accepted that you have minimal control and have preferences not plans. My second two c-sections were much better because I was mentally better prepared.

gemsparkle84 Mon 10-Apr-17 23:32:33

Ps. The early contractions were like very very very bad period cramps- eased with lots of walking and a nice warm bath.... 👍🏻 I don't count that as labour as I think that only really got started when my waters broke and the contractions came very fast, so from approx 11pm so around 4 and a half hours of labour. The contractions, for me were more painful than pushing, but probably because I had the good stuff by that point!

nickienackienoo Mon 10-Apr-17 23:35:00

aah best of luck to you OP! wishing you all the best for the impending birth and happy birthday to your DC <3 x

Mine? Agony until the midwife begged me to take the epidural- he was caught in the cord and not breathing - I owe that midwife my son's life <3 I (wrongly) felt I would be a failure if I didn't have some 'flowery, natural' birth with the minimum of drugs - when it came to it, whatever got him out safely and sound mattered. X

ludothedog Mon 10-Apr-17 23:38:38

Sorry but it was awful. Is it really going to help reading all these horror stories?

50hr labour. Baby trans but head down. I have no idea if I pooed myself as by this point I was delirious. Ripped to fuck and haemorrhaged badly. I couldn't sit down or shit for 4 weeks afterwards.

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