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Aibu if I poison his fish

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SailAwayWithMeHoney Mon 10-Apr-17 17:59:19

Fully aware poisoning his fish probably would be unreasonable. This might be long 😬

I moved here 2 years ago and since I moved in my downstairs neighbour has been nothing but an aggressive pain in my arse.

To give some details -
He kicked off that my wheelie bins weren't where he wanted them. So he moved them. I moved them back because they weren't in the way and they were that way when I moved in anyway. He kept repeatedly moving my bins to where he wanted them until I just gave up. And left them where he wanted them.

Next he decided my 2yos baby trampoline couldn't be in MY front garden because it would "attract burglars". He moved it into my back garden. Won't allow me to keep anything in my front garden or in the back garden if it can be seen from the road (?? We live in a cul de sac!)

I put an old stroller out with the bins to go with the rubbish. Council would have taken it btw. He banged on my door demanded I move it. Wouldn't listen when I said it's to go with the rubbish. Kicked right off so I put it back in the shed. It's still in my shed.

My washing machine was on one evening. About 7.30pm, it was on a long cycle which I didn't realise when I put it on about 6pm when we got back from nursery cba DS had had an accident. Downstairs starts banging on the ceiling. Then proceeds to try and kick my front door in! I rang police. And informed housing officer.

He bangs on the ceiling about everything. DS is 4 now, if he dances too loud or falls over downstairs bangs on the ceiling.

Downstairs regularly decides I've done something 'wrong' and starts braying up my front door or banging the ceiling. Even if I'm just sat watching tv he'll start over nothing.

And the most recent. My flat got broken into, had csi out and everything. No prints but they suspect it was my anusive ex who I've fled from. So the social services and police had an external camera And flood light fitted. Where I live in an upstairs flat I had no choice in where it could be fitted, I wanna make that bit clear. If I could have had it fitted on my wall I would've and I didn't ask the electrician to put it on one of my walls but it would have been inaccesible (I need to be able to get sd card out And view footage) and would only have shown the tops of people's heads whichever would be inadmissible in court.

He's kicked off. He's broken one camera leading to it being replaced. He covers it at night time. He's fucked it up so it doesn't record overnight anymore, the files are all corrupt. And now he's blocked my access to the camera.

To be fair too him, where it had to be placed is technically on 'his' wall. Which is housing association wall but ykwim. The housing officer has said it's fine where it is but neighbours kicked off that much both to housing officer and to me that housing are saying it's got to come down.

Everyone on the street knows it's there for my protection and safety. It's been fully explained to downstairs neighbour. But he doesn't gaf he just refuses to allow me to keep it.

So, wibu to poison his fish and post them through his letterbox

That felt good to get out!

SailAwayWithMeHoney Mon 10-Apr-17 18:02:55

Apologies for length, spelling mistakes and autocorrect in there. Reading it back it doesn't even make sense confused

DoloresTheRunawayTrain Mon 10-Apr-17 18:02:59

Complain every single time to the HA and keep a diary of events. The camera destruction alone is endangering your safety.

SmileEachDay Mon 10-Apr-17 18:03:59

What a twat.

As the police recommended the camera, could they perhaps have a word? I bet he wouldn't kick off if a man in uniform told him...

Although I guess the police are massively busy so I don't know if that's a fair use of time (although it would help ensure your safety..)

Having fled abuse, it must be horrid to live near an aggressive bully.

drinkswineoutofamug Mon 10-Apr-17 18:06:17

He sounds like victor meldrew . I'm gathering he and your neighbours know about the break in etc. Surely he can see that having a light up and camera is actually a benefit to all. Not sure about the fish bit. Does he like sushi?

drinkswineoutofamug Mon 10-Apr-17 18:07:21

Yes what smile says but pcso if the old bill are too busy

happypoobum Mon 10-Apr-17 18:13:56

I would be poisoning him, never mind the fish!!

AwaywiththePixies27 Mon 10-Apr-17 18:14:44

Gosh he sounds like hell. Report every time. To 101 and the council/HA.

SquinkiesRule Mon 10-Apr-17 18:19:46

Horrible bully, keep reporting him each and every time.
Sounds like he knows you are vulnerable and is using it against you.

SailAwayWithMeHoney Mon 10-Apr-17 18:25:15

Sushi grin yeah the whole street knows about the break in, and about my psycho ex. I live in the kind of close where everyone knows everything about everyone kinda thing?

I have a social worker and at the moment she is my go-between with my housing officer as I can never get ahold of him.

He plays loud music every night which I've started recording down aswell. He's mad and I've pretty much reached my limit with him...
He does work so is out during the day, else the electrician, neighbourhood watch people or ss would have spoken to him already. I do think he feels he can get away with it because I'm a young, single mum who moved here from refuge. There was a while I had a friend who'd come around for a cuppa of an evening and downstairs was pigging lovely to me. My friend was a 6ft body-builder with a Harley hmm so I do very much think it's because I'm a 'vulnerable' girl.

wictional Mon 10-Apr-17 18:28:21

He moves your stuff in case it attracts burglars but complains when you put up anti-break-in defences?? What a strange man

hrfvenia Mon 10-Apr-17 18:28:22

The only advice is what other people have said, get yourself a big a4 day to page diary and record every single incident, no matter how small.

He is a horrible, aggressive bully who really, is intimidating a DV victim with no comeuppance. That is not fair, and the fact he is damaging hardware that has been installed by the HA is diabolical!!

I hope you get this sorted OP. Thinking of you xx

SailAwayWithMeHoney Mon 10-Apr-17 18:49:19

He moves your stuff in case it attracts burglars but complains when you put up anti-break-in defences??

Exactly. I think he's mental.

I've got my sw coming out tomorrow but she advised me already that the camera's gonna have to come down because the light "blinds" the neighbour angry

AllllGooone Mon 10-Apr-17 18:50:57

He sounds fucking unhinged

ForalltheSaints Mon 10-Apr-17 19:05:13

Leave the fish alone, but record everything.

Teabagtits Mon 10-Apr-17 19:09:41

Screw poisoning the fish. Eat the bastarding thing in front of him!

I'd start reporting him to the police and housing association for harassment every time he's unreasonable. Every time he bangs up you bang down. Don't give in to him ever.

SailAwayWithMeHoney Mon 10-Apr-17 19:11:16

I have considered banging back, but worried he'd escalate?

If I wasn't veggie I'd totally eat the fish though grin

Birdsbeesandtrees Mon 10-Apr-17 19:13:43

Log each incident and report to police or PCSO.

brightspark2 Mon 10-Apr-17 19:14:56

Your Housing Association will have an anti social behaviour unit who will start a case file and send out diary logs for you to complete Re your neighbour's harassment of you. Report to 101 each time. Your council also has an anti social behaviour unit and you can ask your social worker for a multi agency vulnerability risk assessment. Then get the neighbour's behaviour towards you sorted out. That will also escalate protection for you in case your ex starts up again.

SmileEachDay Mon 10-Apr-17 19:15:23

He's a bully, esp given what you said re your Harley owning friend.

Don't engage with him. I would put any communication with him through either your SW or the police or your 6ft bodybuilder . You don't deserve to be manipulated or threatened.

Birdsgottaf1y Mon 10-Apr-17 19:22:50

Stop giving in to his demands, if he kicks off, then phone the Police.

He's been a twat, but my DD lived next door to a 'safe house' and the lighting was annoying and she had to move bedrooms.

Are you sure the burglary wasn't him? Don't let him away with a thing, from now on, but leave his fish alone!

SailAwayWithMeHoney Mon 10-Apr-17 19:24:15

Unfortunately the bodybuilder is no more (whole other thread that). So it's just me and my 4yo. But I do think he was the reason my neighbour left me alone and was nice to me. Cause he was awful before and he's been a nightmare since Mr Harley stopped coming.

I didn't know about the antisocial behaviour unit, I will ask the sw about that tomorrow! Thank you smile

SmileEachDay Mon 10-Apr-17 19:26:40

Fuck. Did you mess with the bidybuilder's fish? shock

SailAwayWithMeHoney Mon 10-Apr-17 19:30:04

Are you sure the burglary wasn't him?

The burglary definitely wasn't the neighbour, it had my ex's MO written all over it. The break-in was very deliberate, things moved in a couple of rooms and a window had been unlocked and opened from the inside. So that if you ring police and say "someone opened a window and moved x,y,z but didn't take anything valuable" they think you're cuckoo. My ex likes to make me think I'm losing the plot. He used to do that stuff all the time before I fled town and came here.<rolls eyes>

SailAwayWithMeHoney Mon 10-Apr-17 19:30:57

SmileEachDay grin no, he had ducks... grin

I didn't touch the ducks I swear!

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