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The fuss over Guerrilla

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Glitteryunicorn Mon 10-Apr-17 00:35:14

John Ridley and Frieda Pinto are facing a huge amount of backlash from the black community because apparently the show erases black women.

John Ridley has stated he purposefully chose to make the lead actors relationship mixed race due to racism his Japanese wife has faced and that he wanted to start a conversation based on this premise.

AIBU to feel that no black women were erased by the choice of an Asian actor in the lead role as Asian women were active within the civil rights movement with in the UK.

Black women have numerous lead roles in mainstream Hollywood films and tv shows, granted not as many as white women but significantly more than Asian women;
In fact ghost in a shell chose a white actress over an Asian actress for the lead role.

Asian women are being oppressed and erased by the industry as a whole and now a director that is seeking to highlight this as well as the other issues surrounding mixed race couples and relationships is being vilified for it.

Yes he could have chosen a black actress but he chose a different narrative a story within a story that is as valid and worthy of our consideration.

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