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To ask you to cheer me up?

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glumbumm Sun 09-Apr-17 19:13:30

I'm feeling a bit glum. Anyone want to share something lovely that's happened to them, or a happy thought?

Amockingjayhey Sun 09-Apr-17 19:15:42

Today the skies were blue without a cloud. We had warm weather , the blossom was still on the trees adding to the beauty of the day.
Now if you lie still and listen outside you may hear some birds in the trees singing or just the gentle evening breeze

bunnylove99 Sun 09-Apr-17 19:20:17

OP is there a particular reason you are glum? Sometimes chatting it through can help. flowers

Whatsername17 Sun 09-Apr-17 19:21:30

My 5yo dd had her very first rugby lesson and was awarded 'player of the week'. She is so proud of herself she hasn't put her certificate down. My 11 week old dd is becoming a dream.of a baby and I feel a bit like I'm winning at life. I hope your day and mood improve. cake

picklemepopcorn Sun 09-Apr-17 19:30:26

We had a delicious dinner of roast chicken, with red cabbage coleslaw and spiralised courgette with olive oil and balsamic. Both DSs ate it all!
The jasmine smells amazing which makes me feel like a proper gardener.

RedLemonade Sun 09-Apr-17 19:36:27

It was sunny this morning and then it rained and it made the warm ground smell of summer and growing thingssmile

Doublevodkaredbull Sun 09-Apr-17 19:39:57

DD took a wobbly step today. She's behind in her motor skills and has some movement issues and I'm so proud.

glumbumm Sun 09-Apr-17 19:44:50

Lovely to read all these, thank you for sharing.

Bunny, thank you, I'm not sure - it's nothing in particular, I just have this sense of foreboding.

picklemepopcorn Sun 09-Apr-17 20:31:55

Are you tired, glum bum? this weather, we sometimes overdo it and end up weary. I cleaned and reorganised my kitchen cupboards yesterday, my feet hurt today!

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