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To wonder just what is going on here on ds's pyjamas?

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FerdinandsRevenge Sun 09-Apr-17 17:46:56


Mothervulva Sun 09-Apr-17 17:48:06

Bifta bear. Ha

MumBod Sun 09-Apr-17 17:48:13

That's a bear that's going to need a LOT of marmalade sandwiches later on...

Seeingadistance Sun 09-Apr-17 17:59:18

A Camberwell carrot!

TiggyD Sun 09-Apr-17 18:56:29

That bear is obviously on drugs. It's the new GAP range. There's another one with a rag doll injecting heroin, and one with a Humpty Dumpty eating a burger high in cholesterol. We need the Daily Mail to step in immediately.

memyselfandaye Sun 09-Apr-17 18:59:43

There's the one after he's had his spliff, with a Fruit Shoot in one hand and a Greggs sausage roll in the other.

DoomGloomAndKaboom Sun 09-Apr-17 19:02:41

Lol at bifta bear

BertrandRussell Sun 09-Apr-17 19:05:33

My D.C.'s had a particularly beautiful and expensive bed time musical box that played "Show me the way to go home" would have gone well with those jamas!

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