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To wonder how people stay looking glamorous during camping trips!?

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Zhan Sun 09-Apr-17 09:08:03

We go camping for a week with friends every year in summer. I look ok first couple of days but after I've washed my hair, I resemble a white Dianna Ross. My hair is ridiculously curly to the point where it looks like a huge frizzy unkempt mess if I don't straighten it! It wouldn't be so bad if we were all the same but all the other women look beautiful throughout the whole week! How??

I'm thinking this year, I could get some of those leave in curlers so my hair dries into natural curls - an I kidding myself or could this actually work?

I'm sick of looking like the frumpy one, despite being the youngest one!!

RonaldMcDonald Sun 09-Apr-17 09:21:13

Work some conditioner through it and go with the curls
Or use loom bands and lightly dampen your hair twist it and fix...leaving curls in the morning
Organise clothes into a colour scheme, with good layering options

TimetohittheroadJack Sun 09-Apr-17 09:25:29

Big sunglasses and a hat, if you can be arsed, red lipstick is my camping look

claraschu Sun 09-Apr-17 09:28:27

Glamorous=natural, in my opinion.

People's natural frizzy curls are gorgeous, as are people's un-made-up faces. Camping and getting closer to nature gives people a chance to remind themselves of this.

In our every day lives, women are constantly being told by society that their natural bodies and faces are not good enough and need constant fussing over and "improvement". I think camping is a chance to get away from this mind-set.

Cardilover Sun 09-Apr-17 09:29:38

Electric hook up! I convinced dh we needed campsites where we could plug in the cool box.....and my straighteners.

Edballsisoneniftydancer Sun 09-Apr-17 09:31:43

What Claraschu said with knobs on.

I mean sisters, come ON!!!! Can you ever see a guy having instigated a thread like this???

MrsBungle Sun 09-Apr-17 09:32:06

Most campsites I go to have plugs for hairdryers/straighteners in the main buildings or you get electric hook up.

StillMedusa Sun 09-Apr-17 09:36:09

I take my straightners grin
Other than that I do not care... it's camping, I'm with friends who I mostly only see for one week of the year and joggers, thick socks and hoodies are the usual look! However as I FEEL horrible with mushroom hair the straightners are a must.
One of my friends always looks immaculate..and her little daughter wears cute dresses at camp. I have never understood how she manages it smile

Salmotrutta Sun 09-Apr-17 09:37:22

Years ago we did Eurocamp holidays and I remember one camp we were at (uk, not that it matters) watching a couple arrive at the tent opposite who then very carefully unpacked and hung up all their outfits in those plastic coverings.
And there were loads of outfits.
I felt positively underdressed from then on in my jeans and t-shirts.

LucyAutumn Sun 09-Apr-17 09:47:07

I have curly hair and use argan oil on it; I just scrunch it in while my hair is wet, it helps to lock in the curls and prevent the fluffy/ frizzy look. It also means I don't have to waste my time with hair dryers and straighteners.
I buy mine from Holland & Barrett and pour it into the little travel pots you get from Boots when holidaying smile

LakieLady Sun 09-Apr-17 10:29:09

I have a pair of dinky little straighteners that plug into the cigarette lighter socket in the car to charge up (found in the bargain bin in a hairdressing wholesalers for £5!). They work pretty well, and enable me to maintain my sleek blonde bob while camping. They might not be up to very curly hair though, mine's just irritatingly wavy.

I also make sure to put a bit of slap on every day - just a tinted moisturiser, blusher, a light coat of mascara and a bit of eye shadow (I think full war paint looks a bit silly on a camp site, tbh). That may seem a bit excessive to some, but without any eye shadow/mascara, my eyes look like someone's cut 2 holes in an off-white blanket.

Lippy is instant glam, but I prefer a tinted balm (Clinique Chubby Sticks are great but the Boots 17 equivalent is excellent too, and a fraction of the price). It's a bit less full on and does 2 jobs in one. I find my lips get really dry when I'm spending a lot of time out of doors.

I've never found a way of keeping my hands presentable though. No matter how often I wash them, and brush my nails, dirt seems to gravitate towards them and they keep getting grimy, and break on fiddly zips, gas cylinder fittings, etc.

Edballsisoneniftydancer Sun 09-Apr-17 10:31:35

Just you and me then Claraschu

MidniteScribbler Sun 09-Apr-17 10:35:01

I only camp under five stars!

80sMum Sun 09-Apr-17 10:38:47

I would never have dreamed of taking a hairdryer on one of our camping holidays! Sometimes, the only place to wash my hair was under an outside tap (cold water, of course)!

I don't understand the concept of "posh camping" at all. Surely the whole point of camping is that you're roughing it and getting back to the basics of life, communing with nature etc? I couldn't be faffing around with hairdryers and hair straighteners etc. Camping is about getting away from all that.

SmileEachDay Sun 09-Apr-17 10:40:48

Lakie that is more make up than I wear on my poshest night out 😂

I love the swimming in the sea sand brushed look.

As long as I don't smell bad, I'm all over the natural look most of the time when camping.

Trills Sun 09-Apr-17 10:40:58

Learn how to deal with your curls BEFORE you're doing it in a shower block.

I recommend scrunching a bit of this through it while wet then letting it dry naturally.

whensitmyturn Sun 09-Apr-17 10:53:20

I love the freedom of not taking any make up when camping.
As regards hair I have long wavy ish hair.
I'm all about the Braiding/plaiting when camping. Just a bit of dry shampoo then braid it round your face into a bun at the back/side.

chestylarue52 Sun 09-Apr-17 10:59:01

No 80smum the whole point of camping is to have a fun time, regardless of whats important to you.

I like spending a week with no make up and hair products but not everyone does! as a pp said, try a big floppy hat and sunglasses and a bit of lipstick smile

Orlantina Sun 09-Apr-17 11:08:14

Electric hook up. It's the way to go....

But there are showers and hairdryers on most campsites. And you get the pleasure of seeing people traipsing to the showers in their pjs first thing in the morning grin

PhilODox Sun 09-Apr-17 11:10:38

This is what i love about camping- the people watching. Some spend hours in the shower block and waft around in full makeup with their hair glamour. Others just go au naturel.
It's great.

Apairofsparklingeyes Sun 09-Apr-17 11:11:11

There are dozens of products (mousse, gel, oil or creme) you can put into your hair to defrizz your curls rather than straightening. I'd also recommend wearing your hair up or tying it back with some nice clips and accessories.

I've never bothered straightening mine as I find a blob of mousse or some gel works wonders while my hair is damp and left to dry naturally (don't brush it through!)

Booboo27 Sun 09-Apr-17 11:13:02

You can get cordless straightners too that just require batteries for about £20 on Amazon. As for makeup I'd just get my eyebrows and eyelashes tinted or wear some waterproof mascara and tinted lipbalm throughout the day

MrsJayy Sun 09-Apr-17 11:18:00

They lay all their products make up and straightners all over the bathroom so you can't get it to wash your bloody hands angry <bitter>

MrsJayy Sun 09-Apr-17 11:20:55

Dd2 has wavy curly hair by the end of the holiday she just plaits and traipses about looking like Wedndesday Adams grin

Trills Sun 09-Apr-17 11:34:03

If you discover a way to style your hair that you like that does not require straighteners, it'll be incredibly freeing.

Having more than one way to do your hair, that BOTH make you feel good, is lovely.

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