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Next doors radio

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hearingmyselfthink Sat 08-Apr-17 12:55:10

I was wondering if you could tell me if I am being unreasonable? And if I am not, what would you do about this?

I live in a row of terraces, each one is only 5m wide so all the back gardens are close to each other. If the weather is nice, next door but one plays radio one from 7am-11pm (even if he goes out). In my garden, it is basically as loud as if I was playing it on my mobile phone at full volume. He doesn't go out to work so it is lost days in the summer.

I appreciate that as it isn't during the night it doesn't stop me sleeping, thank goodness! But, aibu to miss hearing birds and silence?

I have asked him about it before and he told me to f€$k off. There for, I would rather not ask about it again! Though our relationship is a lot better since he had a baby and stopped a lot of other antisocial behaviour.

kittybiscuits Sat 08-Apr-17 12:58:10

Can you see it? Do you think you could break it with a tennis ball or nerf gun while he's out? I'm not saying this is good advice. It's just that it would drive me bonkers.

Bobbins43 Sat 08-Apr-17 12:58:44

He's a twat. Would you have grounds for a noise complaint?

Asmoto Sat 08-Apr-17 13:05:00

That would drive me insane; I hate Radio One. Why is he leaving it on when he goes out? Is his radio actually in the garden, or coming through an open window?

I think 'birds and silence' is (sadly) a bit unrealistic in urban areas - I can usually hear the neighbours in their gardens, children playing, occasional radios/music (though not the nonstop onslaught you have) and noise/announcements from the local football stadium if there's a match on.

But having a variety of noises which come and go is a lot less annoying than the incessant babble of a single radio station (particularly an inane one) - and before 8am/after 9pm is anti-social as a daily event - so I don't think you're being U at all.

wilma60 Sat 08-Apr-17 13:13:14

I'm the same as you and live in the middle of a block of terraced houses. Neighbours on both sides smoke and in the summer sit out there smoking a lot. We get all the smoke in our garden so can't sit out there much. We also have another neighbour who has a BBQ every weekend and get the smoke and fumes from that

Cornettoninja Sat 08-Apr-17 13:20:32

Terrace houses are the work of the devil grin

I'm not made for life in one and am far too conscious of how on top of each other we are. I struggle been out in the garden when one side is out because the fence is so low there's no privacy at all. Never mind the neighbours further up who think our tiny gardens are appropriate for fireworks angry

noise is a bugger to deal with though and if he's not approachable I'm not sure what you can do given the times it happens.

Stuck16 Sat 08-Apr-17 15:40:25

I completely get why you're annoyed. The neighbours either side of me drive me crazy.
One side smokes- normal tobacco and weed, sits next to the fence so all smoke is directed into my house and garden not his- plus as soon as the sun is out so is the BBQ, again positioned so it all comes into my side and not his.
I washed all our pillows and duvets today, had them drying outside as they had gone out. They've not been home 5 minutes and I've had to rescue it all as the BBQs going and the weed is being smoked- all windows on back of house have had to be closed too to stop the smell coming in.
The other side of my play drum and bass from 9am to 9pm, every weekend. And every afternoon from 4pm onwards. The bass goes right through my house, there isn't a room I can't hear and feel the vibrations in.
I hate living in between these two houses, I get anxious every time they come home and summer is the worst. Trouble is I can't afford to move!!

hearingmyselfthink Sat 08-Apr-17 19:03:28

Fortunately the neibour that smoked has given up smoking, we used to get all of it in our house because of how the extensions stick out and create a funnel.

Today Craig David was actually played. I feel assaulted. Obviously not enough to man up and do anything though.

I don't know where the radio is, I did think maybe it is left on when he pops out for a few mins to keep the dogs happy (he may be a tosser but he is very good to his pets, it is the reason I don't actually hate him yet). I would be scared of hurting the dogs so even if I knew where it was I wouldn't be shooting at it. Probably end up shooting my own greenhouse anyway!

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