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To be really upset my counsellor isn't counselling any more!

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yourdarkstar Thu 06-Apr-17 17:59:30

I feel like I want to talk to him again but he's not doing it now and I can't face starting again with someone else!

MsStricty Thu 06-Apr-17 18:04:09

I know how hard losing a counsellor can be, so your feelings are entirely valid and understandable flowers

However, it might be helpful to think not in terms of having to start again, but re-starting from where you left off. You're a different person now - and your feelings about your old counsellor are indicative of that.

Give someone new a try - if only so you can process your feelings about this.

Best of luck.

Titsywoo Thu 06-Apr-17 18:04:31

Oh poor you that's horrible. It's so good if you have a proper rapport with someone. I've been seeing my counsellor for 10 years now and would be devastated if she stopped.

yourdarkstar Thu 06-Apr-17 18:09:05

Thanks. I haven't seen him for ages and a LOT has happened so I feel like I am starting again in a way?

Wickedstepmum67 Thu 06-Apr-17 18:55:14

A relationship with a counsellor is important and its impact lasting. It's understandable to miss the contact with that person. 💐 It might be helpful for you to look for another counsellor you feel you can relate to in order to explore all your feelings and what has come up for you recently. Was the ending of the counselling relationship at all abrupt, OP? If so, it might be part of why you are feeling unsettled now. If the ending was a good ending, then it is likely that you are processing recent life events and missing having that person around to work through them with.

yourdarkstar Thu 06-Apr-17 18:55:56

It was a good ending but then things changed in my life?

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