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Driving instructors

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trinity0097 Thu 06-Apr-17 17:05:46

AIBU to think that if you are a proper driving instructor then you should know better than to take a really inexperienced driver onto the A3 at a point where it is basically a motorway, i.e. 3 lanes of 70mph (+!!!) traffic, hard shoulder etc....

I have to figure the learner was very inexperienced as they stalled at every junction prior to the A3 (I followed her at a distance for about 4 junctions), couldn't make 30mph on a straight road with no hazards at all, couldn't stay in the lane and kept swerving.

I thankfully overtook her on the slip road onto the A3, but she can't have made it to more than 30mph by the time she got to join the trunk Road and had swerved over the white line at the side and nearly went onto the grass.

Surely a driving instructor should realise a learner with that poor control should be on smaller safer roads?!

AwfulSomething Thu 06-Apr-17 17:13:26

I would be horrified if my instructor even suggested something like that! I would have refused but I am a bit older older than most learners. I am all about safety first.

harderandharder2breathe Thu 06-Apr-17 17:23:28


When I was learning it was months before I went on a dual carriageway (where I happily bombed along at 70). By then I'd also become better than some qualified drivers at restarting quickly after stalling.

aaaaargghhhhelpme Thu 06-Apr-17 17:46:27

Yanbu. That's terrifying.

I know the a3 is on the test route. But if I'd been swerving and unable to keep in lane there's no way my instructor would have let me on.

Did you catch a name for the instructor? They have a duty to the public to make sure their pupil is safe (for themselves but also for everyone else on the road!)

aaaaargghhhhelpme Thu 06-Apr-17 17:47:00

I mean - sometimes they have the name of the instructor on the outside of the car - not that you'd asked his name as you went past!

TeenAndTween Thu 06-Apr-17 17:53:33

In DD's first lesson the instructor took her to our nearby city and terrified the life out of her at a big junction. And then told her she was hopeless!
Needless to say that was her last lesson with that instructor too ...

trinity0097 Thu 06-Apr-17 18:09:08

I didn't catch the name sadly, was too busy trying to stay safe behind a poor driver!

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