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To be really pissed off that no one seems to be helping?

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Dumbo412 Thu 06-Apr-17 16:47:35

Bit long winded, but my husband tried to hire a vehicle.

He pays for 28 days hire online, he goes to Pick up the car, £200 deposit left in his account. He goes to pay this. They tell him they are taking a payment for £200, but payment they are requesting is £240. He asks why.
The woman replies, I don't know, pay it and we can sort it after. He says I'd quite like to know where the extra £40 has come from.
He's told just pay it, and we will look after.

So the payment doesn't go through. She says oh the card machines playing up, then tries to put it through as an on the phone payment.
He realises there's not £240 left in that account. Enough for what the deposit should be though.

She tells him, if you can't pay the money you need to leave without the car.

He points out that he has fulfilled his duties, he's paid everything that he was due to pay £300+ car hire and the £200 deposit. If they are unable to fulfil their duties that he expects a refund.

She tells him she will try.

He leaves, calls the bank and they reverse the payment.

Come Tuesday, the payment has come back out. So he calls the company, explains the situation. They tell him to pretty much jog on, he's unhappy, gets off the phone. Recontacts bank who aren't very helpful.

I called this company, lodged a formal complaint and told them exactly what happened. They seem shocked and tell me that Regional director will be getting involved and they'll hopefully get a refund to him.

The bank has been contacted again and my husband has formally disputed this payment.

The bank knows they have taken payment from his account but not given him what he paid for.

DHs account is over drawn now and he is receiving charges each day.

No one really seems to want to help, and it's so far cost him £300+ and bank charges.

DH gets his wages tomorrow, our rent is due to be paid, and we could've done without the extra bank charges.

I feel like both the bank and the car company have been bad in this situation.

We expected the bank to have helped, and as for the car hire company. Beyond laughable.

lazytuesday Thu 06-Apr-17 16:51:15

unfortunately in these situations you have to keep on hassling people because they want it to just go away and if they can will just push the responsibility on to someone else. The thing is to keep your nerve and be persistant. Keep complaining and keep writing letters etc.
You never get anything back from a bank in my experience unless you complain about a gazillion times!! You WILL get the bank charges back eventually.

Dumbo412 Thu 06-Apr-17 17:05:54

It's just so bad! We expected the bank to be on his side a bit more, it seems just fine by them that Avis have taken over £300, changed the terms of the agreement, with held what he's paid for AND kept his money... and they're making money off of this situation.

It's just so bad. Feels like they are being as unreasonable as possible!

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