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To ask what your school holiday shopping lists look like?

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OrangeIsTheNewPop Thu 06-Apr-17 15:41:07

Posted in Money Matters, but there's not much traffic, so...

It's the start of the Easter hols next week for us. I always struggle to come up with ideas for both lunch AND dinner.

Inspire me, please? My DC love making homemade pasta atm (don't ask) so a few ideas for pasta would be great, too.

DD9, and DS5. DH will eat with us in the evenings and take a packed lunch/leftovers Mon/Fri.

I have an egg allergy, hate cooked cheese, will eat meat occasionally (I'm the fussy one 😂).

Does anyone want to help me write a shopping liat? I could do with options for pack-up food in case we decide to take lunch to the park etc.

I could also do with it being as low budget as possible. Not uber-skint, but I'd like to budget for extra bus fare etc on an already lean week.


OrangeIsTheNewPop Thu 06-Apr-17 16:22:44


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