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Would you still from a rich person ?

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Spice22 Thu 06-Apr-17 15:00:29

Just been watching one of those social experiments on Facebook and the comments were amazing. Thought I'd start a discussion about it.

The video basically shows a girl sitting at the bus stop with someone else, she then leaves a Louis Vuitton purse on the bench 'accidentally' and gets into a Ferrari when her boyfriend/husband arrives to pick her up. Most of the people steal the purse/money and deny seeing it when the owner returns looking for it.
Most people commented (under the video) with the general consensus that it was acceptable as the girl obviously had a lot of money and the people waiting for a bus don't.

Personally, I think that's a disgusting attitude. Just because someone has a lot of money doesn't entitle you to any of it.

What do you guys think?

Spice22 Thu 06-Apr-17 15:01:04

Oh wow, title should say *steal

BillSykesDog Thu 06-Apr-17 15:03:38

No. Never steal from anybody. It's horrible having things stolen and I would always do my best to return.

CaoNiMartacus Thu 06-Apr-17 15:05:36

Never. Morality shouldn't have a sliding scale.

lazytuesday Thu 06-Apr-17 15:05:44

depends on context. If i or my family really needed money id do it obviously. I wouldnt want to do it. I wouldnt ever do it in my current situation.
I knew someone who, when they were a child used to have to shoplift for food because their mother was an alcoholic.
I think there are certain circumstances where id let someone doing that, go.
There are also certain circumstances in which id do it. Id rather steal than let my child go hungry.
Luckily im not in that situation though. Nor have i ever been.
Although i did once have to hang around outside a shop to pick up pennies people accidently dropped until i was able to make up the money i had in order to afford a pint of milk. But i dont think that was really stealing as those people had dropped the coins because they didnt care about keeping them.

KoalaDownUnder Thu 06-Apr-17 15:07:35


I bloody loathe thieves. I don't understand the mentality behind it. Makes me angry.

InMySpareTime Thu 06-Apr-17 15:09:38

I'd probably look in the bag/purse for contact details for the person to get their bag back to them, but then I am an honest person and would not steal however rich the person looked.

DJBaggySmalls Thu 06-Apr-17 15:10:14

No I wouldnt. I've had the chance to and didnt, I'm not just saying it.
Also friend of mine found a wallet with nearly a thousand pounds in and she handed it in to the police station. People were split between 'you stupid idiot' and 'you did the right thing'.
I'm always amazed at how people are happy to screw someone else over, but complain when its done to them.

NeedABumChange Thu 06-Apr-17 15:14:40

You can't really judge someone in a snapshot. She could have had a fake bag and be a £50 a night hooker getting in a customers car.

Also stealing is wrong whether it's from a poor person, rich person, faceless corporation or the government.

Reow Thu 06-Apr-17 15:15:10


HecateAntaia Thu 06-Apr-17 15:21:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SheSaidHeSaid Thu 06-Apr-17 15:23:03

Nope. Theft is theft.

I'm quite shocked people think it's acceptable if someone appears rich.

arethereanyleftatall Thu 06-Apr-17 15:24:42

Nope. Never.

TheWitTank Thu 06-Apr-17 15:25:15

Absolutely not.

NennyNooNoo Thu 06-Apr-17 15:29:11

Of course not.

I wouldn't know a Louis Vuitton bag from a Primark one anyway.

JonesyAndTheSalad Thu 06-Apr-17 15:30:01

I also wouldn't know a Louis Vitton bag from a Primark one. And no. I would not steal.

AtSea1979 Thu 06-Apr-17 15:30:46

I'd be tempted if I thought they were loaded but wouldn't do it, I'd be too scared of getting caught. I once accidentally took something from Tesco it cost less than the petrol money to drop it back off, I felt bad for a few moments before thinking oh well they are loaded never mind.

highinthesky Thu 06-Apr-17 15:31:09

No I wouldn't. Why would I covet something that is not mine?

Megatherium Thu 06-Apr-17 15:31:44

I agree it's a horrible attitude.

I remember once someone I worked with announced gleefully that she had picked up a bag and it had £400 in it which she had kept. When we pointed out that it was theft, she became very defensive, saying that obviously if the owner carried that much around they wouldn't miss it - she refused to consider the possibility that for all she knew, that money was someone's entire savings. She also felt it was justifiable because she was being made redundant - artistically forgetting that she had already found another job so was going to make quite a nice profit out of the redundancy. It was only when we threatened to report her that she agreed with an extremely bad grace to take the bag to the police station, and a colleague insisted on going with her to make sure that she did. After that she basically went sick till her redundancy kicked in, and no-one was particularly sorry.

DryIce Thu 06-Apr-17 15:31:46

No. I don't like Louis Vuitton purses.

user1469914265 Thu 06-Apr-17 15:32:28

*Also friend of mine found a wallet with nearly a thousand pounds in and she handed it in to the police station. People were split between 'you stupid idiot' and 'you did the right thing'.
I'm always amazed at how people are happy to screw someone else over, but complain when its done to them.*

They have no idea what the money was for though, I had my bag nicked in a train station with over a grand in it. The money was for a deposit on a flat and it was ALL the money I had in the world and the bag itself had about half my possessions in it. Luckily, the person who pinched it didn't look very hard and it was returned to me but I would have been totally stranded otherwise.

newmumwithquestions Thu 06-Apr-17 15:32:50

No I wouldn't but I'm not surprised. I have had friends that expect those with more money than them to pay for more (eg by buying more drinks), they really couldnt see that expecting someone to spend more/not offering to pay their share because they had more was wrong.

newmumwithquestions Thu 06-Apr-17 15:33:59

Sorry badly phrased but you should get the gist...

PinkHeart59156816 Thu 06-Apr-17 15:34:38

No! theft is theft, you can try to justify it however they like (I.e but they were rich so won't miss it) but your still a thief

Would you ever teach your child it's ok to steal as long at that person has more than you?

AppleMagic Thu 06-Apr-17 15:34:49

No and I'm surprised that anyone else would consider it. Handbags (or more their contents) are so personal. It's not like accidentally shoplifting and not returning it at all.

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