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To ask who would buy this?

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babybat Thu 06-Apr-17 10:04:52

Perfect for the #blessed #instagram mum who's not the kind to deploy Calpol when her baby is teething - a locally sourced sustainable hardwood teething hashtag. AIBU to think this is the most nausea-inducing bit of baby-clutter ever produced?

Mrsglitterfairy Thu 06-Apr-17 10:07:11

What the fuck?! Ha total waste of money, I'd be too bothered about them getting a splinter anyway. Stick to good old fashioned teething powders and a finger to chew on

LadyPW Thu 06-Apr-17 10:08:53

I'd be thinking splinters too confused Why would you give a child wood to chew on. The plastic keys I bought my dog as a puppy would be miles better.

FumBluff1 Thu 06-Apr-17 10:17:52


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