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AIBU to be misty eyed about leaving DS at nursery?

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GeekyWombat Wed 05-Apr-17 14:28:54

Two DC. DD has been at nursery part time for several years , all fine. DS is 10 months and we're in the process of doing acclimatisation sessions at nursery with a view to him starting to do the same in the next month or so.

Today was the first 'drop him off and bugger off' session. I am literally sitting in the sunshine in a park around the corner ok, 200m away, what's your point? trying to swallow a salad round the lump in my throat. I feel like an utter wuss, not least because it's a fantastic nursery, DD loves it (and DS has had a ball on our first couple of visits) and working from home I have been desperate to get to the point of having some time to do stuff during the day without being interrupted, rather than it all having to be done evenings and weekends.

Just texted DH for reassurance that these pangs are reasonable and got the reply:

Honestly, I love our kids very much but I would not be fighting tears right now. I'd be spinning around like Julie Andrews in the Sound of Music, screaming about freedom. :p

AIBU and / or a total wuss? I fear I know the answer but honestly, my lip is wobbling as I type and I figure nearly a year on I can't blame it on wonky hormones...

LouiseTM Wed 05-Apr-17 14:45:45

I dont think yabu. My little one is 17 months, i am a sahm but we have been thinking about putting her into creche soon to mix with other children before she starts play school. I am dreading it. The thought of not having her with me 24/7 is really scary. Im sure it will get easier for you and you will eventually enjoy your freedom as will i. It just takes a little getting used to im sure. smile

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