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Snogging on the Tube

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UpsyDaisy123 Wed 05-Apr-17 09:33:15

I am seeing someone new who likes to get very lovey dovey in public, particularly on the tube. We are both in our 30s.

To be honest I've always thought it a bit naf and slightly distasteful when fully grown adults snog on the tube. It's one thing for teenagers who live at home and perhaps genuinely don't have anywhere else to go. Or maybe couples who are saying goodbye for a very long time and go to do it discreetly in a corner late at night. But none of these things are the case here. He is keen to do it on trains and in the middle of a big crowds waiting for lifts where there is a captive audience, plus at the bottom of the escalators with people going by watching us in both directions.


MommaGee Wed 05-Apr-17 09:35:48

Neither of you are in principal. I don't much care if I see people snogging.
However if you don't want to, don't. Tell him you don't feel comfortable doing it in public. Perhaps compromise on a peck or holding hands or a cuddle.

Shoxfordian Wed 05-Apr-17 09:36:01

If you feel uncomfortable with it then you need to mention it to him in a kind way

Something like " I love kissing you but I'm not comfortable with public displays of affection, can we tone it down a little when out and about"
Keep your voice light and happy; just advise him that's how you feel

ChardonnayKnickertonSmythe Wed 05-Apr-17 09:38:52

There was a couple sitting behind me on the train yesterday.

It was cringeworthy , the kissing lip smacking sounds they were making.

highinthesky Wed 05-Apr-17 09:45:24

Agree with you 100% OP.

Goldfishjane Wed 05-Apr-17 09:57:04

As someone who isn't fussed about PDAs
He sounds like an exhibitionist from what you've said.

StarryIllusion Wed 05-Apr-17 10:01:11

I hate lip smacking noises. You could both fuck off if I had to stand next to you. Same with bottom of escalators. Anyone who stands at the bottom of an escalator deserves to be run over by hordes of shoppers. Just get out of the fucking way. Can you tell I'm not feeling particularly tolerant today.

Cocklodger Wed 05-Apr-17 10:06:18

I hate seeing PDA blush blush
Miserable bitch here grin I wouldn't like to see it so I won't do it.

Catsize Wed 05-Apr-17 10:07:21

Yuck. Sounds like a bit of an exhibitionist! In these situations, I try to remind myself we need to see more love in the world whilst simultaneously trying not to vomit

dangerrabbit Wed 05-Apr-17 10:09:37


maddiemookins16mum Wed 05-Apr-17 10:10:42

Eurggghhh, get a room! (and a new boyfriend). He's being weird.

UpsyDaisy123 Wed 05-Apr-17 10:20:49

Thanks all. He was like this from Date 2. In truth I'd rather he waited a couple of weeks and showed a bit of restraint until the going-to-each-other's-places stage. I like to feel I properly know someone and can relax with them a bit before they go shoving their tongue in my mouth, although that's probably considered quite a prudish view these days.

Apologies if it was me you saw Chardonnay!

floraeasy Wed 05-Apr-17 10:26:03

He is keen to do it on trains and in the middle of a big crowds waiting for lifts where there is a captive audience, plus at the bottom of the escalators with people going by watching us in both directions

Look out!

He could be an exhibitionist - forever pushing you to do stuff outside your comfort zone.

If this is not you, explain to him it isn't ever going to happen. If showing-off is more important to him than your feelings and being alone with you when you are kissing, then it's time to part company.

The fact he's in his 30s and still feels PDAs are very important to him, is worrying. As you say, it's not like you are teens and have nowhere else to go. It seems the exhibitionism is a huge part of the attraction for him.

UpsyDaisy123 Wed 05-Apr-17 10:37:56

floraeasy, he's close to 40 actually.

floraeasy Wed 05-Apr-17 10:41:52

Wow, OP.

I think this is a little strange.

How is he generally with you?

Is he forceful about the PDAs? I mean, does he go on and on about it? Does he even try to understand your feelings too?

user1489179512 Wed 05-Apr-17 10:43:31

Even the majority of teenagers would be too cool to behave like this in public.

WorraLiberty Wed 05-Apr-17 10:53:23

Oh god, just no.

Honestly, teenagers used to do that sort of thing in the 80s and 90s, but I genuinely haven't seen it since then.

As user says, even the majority of teens see PDAs as really uncool.

If you don't want to do it OP, then just don't.

I know I bloody wouldn't, no matter how much I liked him.

NavyandWhite Wed 05-Apr-17 10:58:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ilovesooty Wed 05-Apr-17 11:00:52


Goldfishjane Wed 05-Apr-17 11:08:54

What, you're not even comfortable with him and he does this? Ditch, he does it on purpose I reckon.

UpsyDaisy123 Wed 05-Apr-17 11:19:06

I'm not actually saying I'm not comfortable with him Goldfishjane but we've only been on four dates so I feel like I don't know him very well yet. For a start, I have no idea of his history and I am looking for a keeper.

SquatBetty Wed 05-Apr-17 11:22:02

Oh that's grim - a nearly 40 year old as well. Something really not right there, OP.

maddiemookins16mum Wed 05-Apr-17 11:35:19

He's not a keeper.

UpsyDaisy123 Wed 05-Apr-17 11:37:14

Perhaps he's just come out of a long long-term relationship and is on the rebound. Who knows?

Creatureofthenight Wed 05-Apr-17 11:39:37

If you're snogging at the bottom of the elevators I'm surprised you haven't been knocked over by people rushing for a tube!

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