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To give charity swim my all

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nettyhetty Wed 05-Apr-17 00:40:20

I'm due to do the Maire Curie Swimathon this Saturday. It's in memory of a relative who died. And to empower the charity that failed to help us in our "hour of need" because they didn't have the resources. I have a horrible chest infection and I haven't been able to train. I'm worried about my breathing on the day as I'm not sure I could can keep up to it. Technically I can complete the 5k over a number of days but I feel I need to do it on a day specified for my sponsors. I have had amazing support but I have 3 doctors telling me not to it do it because of my medical condition right now. Aibu to have to consider changing the day I do the swim?

Icantstopeatinglol Wed 05-Apr-17 00:56:41

Definitely change the day, your health is more important. You can do it a different day. Don't make yourself ill because of it.
Good luck when you do though! flowers

nettyhetty Wed 05-Apr-17 01:09:55

Thanks icant. I feel really bad though as I've portrayed it that I'm doing it Saturday and received sponsorship on that basis. I feel like such a fraud if I don't do it then.
I also feel like such a wimp when I hear of people running marathons etc and I can't even manage one swim. But my dh and df are so cross with me for saying I'm going to try it and saying I'm putting my own health at risk when I could do in a week or two. I just felt like such a cop out and a disappointment to the relative id wanted to make this in memory of. I'm so crap.

user1483387154 Wed 05-Apr-17 01:12:47

You are just changing the day not taking money for not doing it!
You are not copping out and definitely not a disappointment to the relative you are doing it in memory of.

nettyhetty Wed 05-Apr-17 01:19:31

It just seems so pathetic compared to people that say are running a marathon etc. I know it doesn't really matter what days I'm in the pool but I said I'd do it between 8th and 10th April. I can even do it cumulatively... But I don't want to. I owe it to the memory of my beloved person to do it. So confused

ChasedByBees Wed 05-Apr-17 01:21:13

You have been sponsored for the task, not the date. Go forward when you're ill and it could be that you never are able to complete it due to illness and making yourself worse.

SparklyLeprechaun Wed 05-Apr-17 01:31:53

Look, your sponsors donated because they like you, think it's a great effort and it's for a good cause. I very much doubt that anyone gives a monkey on what day you do the swim. It would be foolish to attempt it if you're ill.

MissClimpsonsTypingBureau Wed 05-Apr-17 04:27:52

Nobody has donated because you're doing it on a particular day. People have donated because you're doing an amazing thing for a worthy cause. The thing doesn't become less amazing or the cause less worthy because you're doing it in a couple of weeks time. And if the people who donated know and care about you (or even if they're decent human beings) they'd much rather you did it when you were healthy rather than making yourself ill by doing it at an arbitrary time.

flowers and heal soon.

RedSandYellowSand Wed 05-Apr-17 04:34:41

Honestly, do the best in honour of your relative. Do the swim in on go, but delay it but a week. If it was something like a marathon which everyone does on the same day, I'd be less sure. But the only date is the one you chose.
Rest, recover, and then swim your best. flowers

Maxandrubyrubyandmax Wed 05-Apr-17 05:19:01

No one will mind if you delay it a week and unless they are an absolute tossed any sponsor would rather you didn't compromise your health. And well done you. Swimming 5k is amazing and by generally accepted standards is equivalent to running at least 20k and for a great cause. Sure your loved one would be very proud

nettyhetty Wed 05-Apr-17 08:42:00

Thank you all. I think I knew that, I was feeling very sorry for myself last night. Have given myself a boot up the back side this morning and I'm going to see how I feel come Saturday and if I have to postpone I will as I want to do it right! Thank you.

Sirzy Wed 05-Apr-17 08:43:50

Would your loved one want you to risk your health?

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