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Aibu to think they should be locked up and the key thrown away. Trigger warning.

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Universitychallenging Tue 04-Apr-17 14:02:36

Keith and Caroline Baker jailed for 'sex-slave' crimes

I am utterly disgusted. They should be locked up for life and it should mean life.

(Apols if there's another thread. On phone and haven't seen one)

Why hasn't there been more coverage of this or have I missed it ?

ExplodedCloud Tue 04-Apr-17 14:05:50

It's been on WatO on R4 today. It beggars belief that she was reported missing but presumably Caroline Baker impersonated her to stop the police investigating.

Universitychallenging Tue 04-Apr-17 14:06:59

I haven't heard the radio (I'm at the dentist just waiting to go in)

It shocking. I can't believe the sentences are so light.

Winetemptress Tue 04-Apr-17 14:13:29

Shocking case.

VestalVirgin Tue 04-Apr-17 14:29:24

Throwing keys away would be wasteful.

Other than that, YANBU. The sentences for sexual violence are too light in general.

IloveBanff Tue 04-Apr-17 15:29:04

The poor woman weighed 6 stone and had only 1 tooth in her head when she was found. sad

Sodomeyes Tue 04-Apr-17 15:33:03

People like this are the reason why I believe very strongly in capital punishment

Ooopsohdear Tue 04-Apr-17 15:36:02

Awful. Why has she got such a smaller sentence?

VladmirsPoutine Tue 04-Apr-17 15:44:09

Can anyone do a clicky link for me please?

IloveBanff Tue 04-Apr-17 15:47:16

VladmirsPoutine Tue 04-Apr-17 15:53:34

Thanks Banff 18 fucking months! Ooop Not that it absolves her but I think the thinking behind it was that he was the one controlling the entire situation. What a disgusting man.

ExplodedCloud Tue 04-Apr-17 16:15:57

The item on R4 also mentioned a second woman he'd been raping for years, who had 4 children to him. It does sound a bit like the bloke in Soth London that has women under his control. There was a documentary recently about it.
I suspect being locked up and controlled in prison will be worse for him than a quick death.

coconuttella Tue 04-Apr-17 16:53:44

Utterly sickening.... This crime is more horrific than most murders in my opinion.

coconuttella Tue 04-Apr-17 16:57:49

Although I accept this is stooping to the lowest common denominator and I understand why things like this are banned in a civilised country, but at the moment wish that we were able to torture someone like this..... slowly slicing off his genitals for instance.

Universitychallenging Tue 04-Apr-17 19:46:42

I just am stunned his wife got 3 years and the other woman who whistle blew seems to have got off scot free?

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