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To ask how people go about their food intake?

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Zhan Mon 03-Apr-17 21:53:25

Do you simply eat what you want, when you want?

Do you count calories?

Do you follow a specific diet?

Do you make sure you burn more than you eat?

And ultimately, are you under or overweight or a healthy weight?

I ask as I've given up with all diets and now simply eat what I want whilst trying to burn off more than I eat. I'm a healthy weight (but flabbier than I'd like to be).

Reason I'm asking is ive noticed that most people who are a healthy weight simply eat what they want with no obvious restrictions whilst those who are trying to follow specific rules, are overweight (and continue to be so despite the dieting).

I've noticed myself that when I put myself on a diet, I gain weight. I just can't understand how.

So AIBU to ask how you all manage your food intakes?! Is dieting really worth the stress?!

QueenMortificado Mon 03-Apr-17 21:56:48

I found that dieting was awful for me because I'd drastically cut calories and exercise on cardio loads. I lost weight and when I had a body scan it was all muscle I'd lost

The key for me was weights and upping my protein intake. I've kept all the muscle and only lost fat.

Now if I hear people talking about juice diets / losing weight because they've been ill I can only think how it's water weight or muscle they'll be losing

DangerDays Mon 03-Apr-17 21:58:31

I used to be overweight. I ate as much as I wanted, whenever I wanted, whatever I wanted. There was no structure and some days I ate an entire family size pizza for dinner after a massive lunch and cooked breakfast.

I am now quite thin, around a size 8. I still eat what I enjoy eating, but I use the MyFitnessPal app to work out how big my portions should be, and try to stick to a set calorie allowance. On days when I go to the gym, I eat a lot more, but I don't ever let myself go hungry - if I want a big meal, I'll just include lots of lower calorie options, like veg, to help fill me up.

Writerwannabe83 Mon 03-Apr-17 21:58:54

I eat what I want, when I want and am lucky enough to stay at about 9st.

I'm on medication though for a chronic condition and the drug has previously been trialled as a weight loss drug and I'm on a considerably higher dose than the dose that can cause weight loss so I think that's why I don't have to worry about my weight. The drug must have an effect on the metabolism or something.

TotalPineapple Mon 03-Apr-17 21:58:57

I'm a healthy weight. I eat what I want and usually am probably slightly under averagely active (I'm getting away with being quite sedentary at the moment as I'm breastfeeding). I might occasionally make an effort to eat less crap for a bit but I don't calorie count or anything.

Every time I've actively tried any sort of 'diet' (I could be slimmer and still a healthy weight iyswim) I've thought more about food than normal, felt hungrier because of it, and fallen off the wagon quite quickly.

PurpleDaisies Mon 03-Apr-17 21:59:12

Exactly the same as queen. Lifting weights (don't worry about getting really muscly-you'll just look toned) and eating meals based around protein and veg with sensible carbs (my downfall).

I only really measure pasta or rice portions now.

Lovelilies Mon 03-Apr-17 22:01:41

I'm underweight. 7st 13 and 5'6.
I eat what I want when I want. I also smoke which does affect the appetite.

shaggedthruahedgebackwards Mon 03-Apr-17 22:04:13

I eat 2 meals a day and pretty much never miss a meal ....I actually struggle with things like brunch & afternoon tea because they don't fit into my normal routine!

I have toast or cereal every morning,
Sandwich or wrap for lunch (or maybe soup or a salad on a non work day), normal evening meal plus occasional but not excessive snacks

My weight has stayed pretty much the same give or take a few pounds for past decade. I am a healthy normal weight (BMI 22-23)

shaggedthruahedgebackwards Mon 03-Apr-17 22:04:36

That should say 3 meals a day!

Zhan Mon 03-Apr-17 22:05:15

See I used to smoke and that was a massive help in keeping my weight down. Can't really justify taking it back up again just to lose weight though 😂

Smeaton Mon 03-Apr-17 22:09:54

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LadyLoveYourWhat Mon 03-Apr-17 22:11:29

I use MyFitnessPal too, I used to eat whatever, but I steadily gained weight. I lost weight by calorie counting (cutting down on snacks and eating smaller portions) and being a bit more active. Now I'm maintaining I do still log, but generally what it boils down to is knowing to put less on my plate! I think I did and still do eat a fairly balanced diet (I'm not one for fad diets or cutting out food groups), but I do love my food (and I'm a keen cook). I run a fair bit now which affords me treats and wine...

Maxwellthecat Mon 03-Apr-17 22:15:23

I'm 5"2 and 8 stone and have been pretty much my entire adult life.
I eat what I want when I want but I'm lucky to prefer savoury food and I eat mostly vegetables and pulses. I run 3 times a week and do yoga every day too. I treat myself when I want, in fact I've just finished an Oreo brownie.

phoenixtherabbit Mon 03-Apr-17 22:15:59

Wat what I want mainly, but do calorie count. So if I want chocolate I'll have it, but a small bar rather than a massive one. Don't deny myself anything. If I really want something that will take me over my calories, I'll still have it but it's rare I do this anyway.

I do some walking but no strenuous exercise really.

I'm a healthy weight, probably happier with it than I have ever been and have lost 1 & 1/2 stone counting calories - I had baby weight and a little from before the baby to lose

Therealslimshady1 Mon 03-Apr-17 22:16:32

Hmmm, I sort of eat what I like

I had quite a big dinner (roast pots, fish, veggies,) so even though I quite fancy a magnum, I won't

I've sort of trained myself not to eat biscuits or puddings, other than that I do eat pretty much what I like!

(Bmi 23)

Silverdream Mon 03-Apr-17 22:20:15

I'd like to loose 1/2 a stone , I'm 5ft 6 and 11st. I kind of eat what I want but then when I have had something naughty - lunch out ,take away I don't eat anything else naughty in that day. I don't eat snacks but being busy stops that rather than will power.

Screwinthetuna Mon 03-Apr-17 22:20:31

I eat what I want and don't skip meals and I'm 124lbs and slim.
Honestly, when I try and cut out the crap to eat healthier, I end up obsessing about food and then just eating more crap than I usually would!
Best way to be (for me) is to not restrict myself and I then don't see 'treats' as a treat

Lweji Mon 03-Apr-17 22:22:58

I've always been underweight (now on the low side of healthy) and I've only eaten what I like. But I get full easily.

loveliesbleeding1 Mon 03-Apr-17 22:24:38

I'm 5'6 a healthy weight with healthy body fat and I count calories (using mfp) and low carb.I also cycle nearly every day and walk almost everywhere.

MaidOfStars Mon 03-Apr-17 22:28:14

BMI around 18.8-19.

I use MFP to track my food. I lift weights and do a shedload of cardio, so I need to check I'm meeting my nutritional goals (particularly protein intake).

I eat relatively few 'obvious' carbs, loads of protein and healthy fats.

Notcontent Mon 03-Apr-17 22:28:48

I think it's difficult to compare because some people have bigger appetites/are more prone to putting on weight and therefore need to be more careful - ie can't just eat what they want,

I am very slim and don't diet, but i generally much prefer food that is pretty healthy - e.g. I don't really like chips, etc. My only potential downfall is chocolate and cakes - so I try not to have too many of those - not so much because of potential weight gain, but because of the sugar.

RedBugMug Mon 03-Apr-17 22:31:29

I don't diet.
I eat what I want and stop eating when I am not hungry anymore. I don't eat until I'm full.

like that clever person said: eat food, not too much, mostly plants.

Mari50 Mon 03-Apr-17 22:36:58

I'm 5'4 and weigh 9 stone (half a stone heavier than I'd like) I don't eat what I want, I make healthier choices when eating, I don't eat takeaway ever, when I'm out for dinner I choose fish (not battered with chips), etc etc. I'm half a stone overweight though because I have some boredom issues at home and will sit with and eat half a box of cereal while watching TV. Before my DD I had amazing willpower, nine months of eating chocolate cause I could drink wine ruined me.

Mari50 Mon 03-Apr-17 22:37:46

Couldn't!! Bloody hell!!

specialsubject Mon 03-Apr-17 22:47:43

Sort of what I want but within reason, but eating the whole pack of biscuits has never appealed.

Probably also helps that I don't like alcohol.

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