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To be annoyed with hairdresser?

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Kalizara Sun 02-Apr-17 09:08:21

I had a great hairdresser and she left, she was replaced with a new person and I automatically went to her client list.

Because I only have highlights I didn't notice much difference at first but after a few times of her doing my hair, I realised it was looking a mess but couldn't put my finger on why. Then another hairdresser pointed it out. I think she was using way too much bleach over tint ratio and my hair was all breaking and damaged.

I made the mistake of keep going back thinking I could get across how I wanted it. Which was basically how it was originally. Last time she turned my hair orange but I didn't realise until I'd got outside.

I went back one final time because I was desperate for it to be rectified. I said I wanted it a bit darker but without looking like a mousy mucky blonde. I asked her to use the two colours I've always had but to use more of the tint and only a little bleach. I even showed pictures of my old hair and how I wanted it to look.

What did she do? She put a much darker tint on than my usual, saying it would be ok as it was going on top of light blonde.

What's the result? Mousy mucky blonde/brown. It's preferable to orange but still nowhere near what I asked for.

I won't be going back to her again but I'm just so annoyed she didn't listen.

Not sure what I can do now I'm a bit scared off even going back to the hairdressers.

Has anyone had any hair disasters?

hula008 Sun 02-Apr-17 09:17:20

I dont really have hair disasters, but the last hairdresser I went to refused to do anything but trim my hair. I have big thick curly hair and asked if I could get It cut shorter. She made a big deal of being like "have you had it short before??" and I said "yes, I've had a pixie cut before.

We spent about 15 mins discussing my hair and she convinced me that she would just cut half an inch off (my hair is about 2 inches below my shoulders) and I could come back next time and get it gradually shorter and shorter. I paid £50 for this and when I got home realised that it really wasn't how I wanted my hair.

I'm lucky to ha e curly hair as I can trim it myself at home, I don't need to go to a hairdresser for that!

RaspberryOverloadsOnChilli Sun 02-Apr-17 09:23:10

I went to have blue streaks put n my hair when I was a teen in the 80s. It didn't work because I have dark brown hair and she hadn't bleached the hair as well. So I went back and it was redone at no extra cost.

If this hairdresser isn't doing what you want I'd give one chance to get it rectified and then find another hair dresser. I've done that recently, because I was not happy with the way my hair was cut by one person, and this was no way a disaster, just a cut I didn't quite like.

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