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To post a note through the door of the house we are trying to buy in the hope of persuading the vendor to sell it to us?

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feelinginthedark Sat 01-Apr-17 20:58:10

My sister and her husband did this when they were buying their house in London and I am tempted to try. Essentially we are in a bidding war; neck and neck with another party; we are both in equally good purchasing positions. We desperately want the house, and can afford to keep bidding, but the price is getting to the point where the house will no longer be good value (it needs work). The asking price has been well exceeded at this stage.

We feel that a note might make a difference to the vendor's decision because DH and I are essentially good people, from the area originally but have moved our family around annually internationally for years in order to train in our respective fields (in our work we both help people a LOT- don't want to say what we do as it's totally outing), and would love to give our two girls the chance to settle in a lovely house, down the road from their cousins and grandparents, before our eldest starts school in September.

Would that info in any way swing your decision if you were the vendor? Or is it borderline psychotic / unethical? grin

mynachos Sat 01-Apr-17 20:59:19

Couldn't hurt!

arsenalwatford Sat 01-Apr-17 21:00:37

I would, why not.

neonrainbow Sat 01-Apr-17 21:00:38

It would sway me if i was selling. Id rather sell to a family than a buy to letter for eg.

Stopandlook Sat 01-Apr-17 21:02:15

I'd take notice of such a note. Good luck!

Piratefairy78 Sat 01-Apr-17 21:03:38

My brother kind of did this. He and SIL wrote a letter the vendor and the estate agent passed it on. It just seemed a bit more formal than putting a note through the door. Good luck.

fluffandsnuff Sat 01-Apr-17 21:04:09

Wouldn't a decent EA provide this info? Helped us make our decision but I wouldn't want to be harassed directly by a buyer (unless there's no EA)

Floggingmolly Sat 01-Apr-17 21:04:40

Absolutely. Good luck.

JennyOnAPlate Sat 01-Apr-17 21:05:07

Do it!

feelinginthedark Sat 01-Apr-17 21:06:16

Yes it's the harassing thing I'm worried about. The EA isn't terribly interested in us, and hasn't even asked what we do or whether we have kids. I think I'll write a card and give it to the EA to give to her on Monday...

WhereYouLeftIt Sat 01-Apr-17 21:07:38

"... and would love to give our two girls the chance to settle in a lovely house, down the road from their cousins and grandparents, before our eldest starts school in September. "
And this is exactly what you should put in your note. I really don't think it could hurt.

Coincidentally, I got a not through the door today from would-be buyers, saying they're 'posting this letter around houses on street where we'd like to live'. We're not selling, but the note did leave me feeling kindly towards this couple.

Asmoto Sat 01-Apr-17 21:08:09

I think I would find a letter saying (effectively) 'please sell to us because we're really good people' a bit annoying, but it wouldn't stop me selling to the highest bidder.

WhereYouLeftIt Sat 01-Apr-17 21:08:31

*note - Doh!

BellonaBelladonna Sat 01-Apr-17 21:09:26

I wouldn't like it tbh

silkybear Sat 01-Apr-17 21:12:09

I would pop it through their letter box otherwise how do you know the EA will actually pass it on? Worst still they could read it and use it to try and push you even further for extra commission. Don't trust those bastards. Nice idea though. We got our house over a property developer because we told the family when we looked round we wanted a family home and to restore original features. They said that swung it for them. Best of luck.

FormerlyFrikadela01 Sat 01-Apr-17 21:13:07

I personally wouldn't really response to this. Everything you say could just as easily apply to the other party and actually if you're positions are the same then it is within the sellers interest to encourage the bidding.

feelinginthedark Sat 01-Apr-17 21:13:09

Would it annoy you enough to go with the other bidder though? That's what I'm worried about!

FormerlyFrikadela01 Sat 01-Apr-17 21:17:36

It wouldn't sway me either way. But then we're currently selling out house and every penny counts so we've had to remove all emotion from the sale.

Meekonsandwich Sat 01-Apr-17 21:18:23

Money talks.

I can't see this swaying the decision if the other bidder offers more money.

BellonaBelladonna Sat 01-Apr-17 21:18:29

I think id just find it intrusive tbh

Asmoto Sat 01-Apr-17 21:20:23

I would simply sell to the highest bidder.

WhereYouLeftIt Sat 01-Apr-17 21:20:27

I agree with silkybear - post it yourself, not via the estate agent.

feelinginthedark Sat 01-Apr-17 21:22:23

What if she's home though? Legally is it ok to 'approach' someone you're trying to enter a contract with? Or legally should all communication go through the EA?

BipBippadotta Sat 01-Apr-17 21:25:41

This would annoy me, I'm afraid. I'd sell to the highest bidder, whoever they were, and I'd make it quite clear I didn't want any more little notes through my door or any communication that wasn't through the EA.

Cocklodger Sat 01-Apr-17 21:25:42

It would sway me in my current position (am currently selling a flat)
But if I needed the money it would just make me feel guilty and I'd need to go with the money.
I can also see how it would be intrusive
IMO post the note only if you're desperate for the house and be prepared for it to sway against you (if buyers feel annoyed about it) or for it to make no difference

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