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To not like Ant & Dec?

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KinkyAfro Sat 01-Apr-17 19:17:07

Anyone else that can't stand Ant & Dec, mum and DP are pissing themselves laughing but I just don't get it. Mum thinks I've had a humour bypass but I don't find them funny at all

CadburyMellos Sat 01-Apr-17 19:18:30

YANBU to have your own opinion however I think YABU as I think they are brilliant.

swizzlestar Sat 01-Apr-17 19:19:09

YWNBU....they are pathetic and too try hard. Can't stand them!

simonthedog Sat 01-Apr-17 19:19:11


ragz134 Sat 01-Apr-17 19:19:38

Can't stand them.

WhooooAmI24601 Sat 01-Apr-17 19:19:43

YANBU I can't watch them on tv. When Bill Nighy says "well, And or Dec" on Love, Actually I laugh like a drain because I always assumed he disliked them as much as I do.

KinkyAfro Sat 01-Apr-17 19:21:01

I loved that bit too Whoooooo very funny

CoraPirbright Sat 01-Apr-17 19:21:49

YABVU. I don't like any of the programmes they are on but I have always thought they seem tremendously personable young men. Plus they always look well turned-out and not just-got-out-of-bed-through-a-hedge-backwards, which I absolutely hate.

ZaraW Sat 01-Apr-17 19:25:13

I agree they are not funny.

MollyHuaCha Sat 01-Apr-17 19:26:54

Couple of overpaid twerps.

dawnviews Sat 01-Apr-17 19:26:57

I don't mind them, they don't annoy me (as many celebs don't) but i think we see too much of them. My DH doesn't like them at all though.

fruityb Sat 01-Apr-17 19:28:27

I used to love them and loved Saturday night takeaway but I think I got overexposed to them and now can't be doing with them! They were on tv too much and I went off them and can't enjoy them anymore: they're harmless enough but they irritate me now.

Mumsymum21 Sat 01-Apr-17 19:29:33

Yes they are gods.

Sparklingbrook Sat 01-Apr-17 19:30:19

I like them. You can like or dislike whatever you want AFAIK.

Elphame Sat 01-Apr-17 19:33:47

Can't bear them - "entertainers" like them were one of the reasons I got rid of the TV.

Lulabell1979 Sat 01-Apr-17 19:38:04

No cant bear them anymore. Overexposed. However thanks for reminder as I had promised to show my daughter who they were as they did a scene of them in assembly! (She now thinks they are great!😬)

KingJoffreysRestingCuntface Sat 01-Apr-17 20:04:08

YABU. Cracking acting here from both of them.

neonrainbow Sat 01-Apr-17 20:06:35

They've clearly paid off someone in tv land as they're mediocre at best but they're never off saturday night tv!

NotStoppedAllDay Sat 01-Apr-17 20:07:03

Detest them and always have!!


OwlinaTree Sat 01-Apr-17 20:07:37

Can't beat 'let's get ready to rhumble'!

I8toys Sat 01-Apr-17 20:08:38

Chill out. They would be the first people to take the piss out of themselves. Love them on I'm a celebrity

lottieandmia Sat 01-Apr-17 20:10:33

I've never liked them.

OwlinaTree Sat 01-Apr-17 20:10:43

love the 90s

OwlinaTree Sat 01-Apr-17 20:11:22

Check out Dec's hair!!

ShatnersBassoon Sat 01-Apr-17 20:14:05

I like them. I don't think they're hilarious, but they can handle live TV capably and they happily laugh at themselves.

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