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To think I may be being sexually discriminated against

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financialiasco Fri 31-Mar-17 22:02:42

I have been filling in for my manager for about a year - she is on long-term sick leave. She was incompetent in any case and I and other members of her team are on record as having made complaints/ brought things to higher level management's attention when she was here.

I am not being paid for the extra work I am doing in her absence but have been officially asked to do it and it is going really well. I don't want to reveal 'outing' details, but there is evidence that measures I have put in place have had a very positive impact on efficiency in my team. One team member has complained about me, but he is very weak and his shortcomings were known but ignored by the manager I am covering for. I am trying to deal with him as he should have been dealt with all along.

There is someone else in a very similar position as me in another department. He is man and his department is slightly less successful than mine. His manager has been redeployed (about the same time as mine went off sick) and he has been promoted without the role being advertised. A little while ago a senior manager told me that as soon as my manager resigned (he had reason to believe this was imminent) he would promote me as I am doing a great job. He has repeatedly told me what a great job I'm doing, as have others, and there is objective evidence that this is so.

However, in the last few weeks he has begun to backtrack and has said he will wait to see annual figures before making a final decision, though everything he says is incredibly vague. I feel this is terribly unfair - when the figures come out they will have been impacted by the actions of my previous manager and are partly beyond my control, so I'm not solely responsible. And the man in the other, less successful, department has been promoted, no questions asked.

I'm starting to feel really used and am considering seeing my union rep. The organisation is male-dominated with very few women in senior roles and there is a belief my manager couldn't cope because she is a woman. AIBU?

Cheby Fri 31-Mar-17 22:25:43

The man was promoted because there was a vacancy, wasn't he? There is as yet no vacancy for you to be promoted in to.

I would ask about pay for acting up though. I know in the short term it's good experience etc but to keep you covering the role LT with no pay is taking the piss somewhat.

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