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AIBU to be annoyed by my neighbours

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19thJuly2017 Thu 30-Mar-17 11:42:13

Am I unreasonable to be getting annoyed with my neighbors?

We live in a semi detached house with another detached house to the other side. We have lived there for 5 years.

Our neighbors on one side (the house we are attached to) like to think they are good at DIY. They may be for all I know, but I am yet to see one of their projects finished. They built an extension off the back of their house which has never been finished externally, so from our back garden we are towered over by their concrete block walls. They started building a porch in 2015, again never finished so for the last 2 years we have had their blue tarpaulin temporary roof covering blowing around every time the wind blows. Their garden is an overgrown tip, but we have put up a 6ft fence so we don't have to look at it all day. We have never objected to their planning applications and are supportive of home improvements as we have renovated properties ourselves, but we weren't objecting on the basis that the jobs would actually be completed as they have been specified in the applications. I appreciate that time/money sometimes mean you can't do everything at once, but why take on new jobs before finishing those you've already started?

The neighbors on the other side rent, but they have been there for a long time and are unlikely to move on. Their property is a complete tip, their garden is basically a scrapyard and they keep loud screeching birds in outdoor aviaries.

We've never fallen out with either of our neighbors, I wouldn't say we are friends but we exchange pleasantries. We get on fine with the neighbours behind us and further up/down the road - we don't make a habit of being overly picky about what other people are up to in their own homes!

I suppose this is a rant as much as anything, but am I being totally unreasonable to be getting fed up?

EverdeRose Thu 30-Mar-17 13:50:02

YANBU to be fed up with staring at unsightly tips of gardens, birds and half finished DIY projects. I am completely sympathetic.

I find myself seething when neighbour spends 5 hours every Sunday washing his Jag yet his front windows still have egg on them from mischievous night and he's got rubbish piled in his front garden that he's getting around to putting in the bins.

Sadly some people don't have the same or even similar priorities, as for your renting neighbours why not call up their letting agency/landlord and complain about the garden/birds, they might encourage them to clean it up.

Why not ask your other neighbours when the work will be finished as it all still looks very temporary, if it's not meeting the finished requirements the planning department has set out could they get involved?

Hillarious Thu 30-Mar-17 14:10:31

Be careful what you wish for. The house next to ours was unkempt for many, many years. New owners have moved in and cleared front garden. It is now our house that looks like it has an overgrow mess of a garden, when it never looked so bad in comparison before!

19thJuly2017 Fri 31-Mar-17 08:57:36

Exactly the same here, our DIY neighbour has 2 brand new Audis on his drive which are so pristine I could eat my dinner off them! We've tried to drop subtle hints before about their unfinished projects to no avail sad

As for the renting neighbours, they rent privately and we have actually written to their Landlords before but nothing happened. We then accidentally stumbled across the Landlord's property whilst out for a walk one day - it is just as bad as out neighbours house!

hooliodancer Fri 31-Mar-17 09:04:55

Yes,be careful what you wish for. The unkempt house next door to us was bought by the neighbour from shell who has made my life a misery by raising a spurious boundary dispute the day he moved in. This was my dream forever home, but we are moving because of the awful neighbours bullying.

AlessandroVasectomi Fri 31-Mar-17 09:49:09

Is it relevant that the neighbours' two pristine cars are Audis? Suppose they were Dacias...

NotOneThingButAnother Fri 31-Mar-17 10:37:16

Oi! Alessandro! I've got a new Dacia and my house is a tip. What does it all mean? What are you trying to say?!

NotOneThingButAnother Fri 31-Mar-17 10:37:55

FFS what have I done, is everyone judging me on my Dacia ....

19thJuly2017 Fri 31-Mar-17 13:14:12

Nothing wrong with a Dacia, new or otherwise! All I was trying to suggest was that whilst I appreciate time/money sometimes prevent projects being completed, they have enough disposable cash for 2 top of the range cars and enough free time to clean them both from top to bottom every weekend. Totally up to them how they spend the extra money/time, but why start the projects in the first place if you don't really have the intention of finishing them???

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