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AIBU to be totally pissed off at the moment

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Onnohereshegoesagain Thu 30-Mar-17 09:04:41

Sorry rant time.

Have been off work for a few months with literally one health problem after another. Next investigation is next week and hopefully will get some answers.

Having no money and having FIVE unexpected large bills to pay the last couple of months.

Dd1 arguing with her friends over stupid things. Aargh teenagers.

Dd2 getting bullied on the bus home from school ... again. Thought we had it sorted but someone else has started now.

Family being huge arseholes and again it's all my fault.

Wanting to cry all the time, feeling crap all the time. Can't sleep. Tired. Feeling so sorry for myself.

Want to run away for a couple of weeks.


Secretsweets Thu 30-Mar-17 11:35:44

Have you spoken to your GP ? You could be a little depressed. Things do get on top of us all at some point but you may genuinely be suffering with some mild depression.

Teenager girls always argue - let them fight it out between them...

Speak to the school about the billing of your son, they will get involved even though it's not on their premises, they have a duty to protect their pupils.

Onnohereshegoesagain Thu 30-Mar-17 19:05:54

Thank you secretsweets. I do feel everything is getting a bit much for me at the minute. I'll have a chat with the GP next time I'm there x

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