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To worry about a lump on breast that seems to come and go?

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BalletZeus Thu 30-Mar-17 04:25:42

Lump seems to come and go.

Notice it again a few days before period.

I've noticed it over the last 3 months but it goes away again when my period is over.

Feeling very worried and by the time I'd get an appointment with the GP, I mightn't be able to 'find' the lump again.

Strawberrybonbons16 Thu 30-Mar-17 04:50:04

I've hhad this before. The first gp appointment they said it was a blocked duct and gave me antibiotics. It happened again a few weeks later so the gp referred me to the breast clinic, they did the ultrasounds etc and said it was hormonal and absolutely nothing to worry about. If it comes just before your period and goes when it's over it's probably hormonal too, but I'd make an appointment still as I was always told to get any lumps checked out. Try not to worry though, it's probably hormonal too flowers

nursebickypegs Thu 30-Mar-17 05:44:21

Definitely get it checked. I have an infected cyst that would come and go like this, and a month of antiobiotics cleared it up.

doggydogdog Thu 30-Mar-17 06:22:45

I had this. Went to the doctors and was referred to the breast clinic. They did an ultrasound and said it was just fatty tissue.

doggydogdog Thu 30-Mar-17 06:23:15

Oh forgot to say...DEFINITELY still get it checked out whatever it is!

BarbarianMum Thu 30-Mar-17 06:30:48

Get it checked to be on the safe side but that fact that it "comes and goes" is definitely good news when it comes to breast lumps.

TestingTestingWonTooFree Thu 30-Mar-17 06:58:07

Don't worry, but do get it checked out. Maybe see if you can book a GP appt at the 'right' time of the month.

ZaraW Thu 30-Mar-17 06:59:26

Get it checked out it's probably a cyst.

grosseconnasse Thu 30-Mar-17 07:32:38

Definitely get it checked out with your GP.

I had a fairly large, painful lump about a week before my period a few months ago - I got a same-day appointment and the GP said it was probably hormonal, but to come back if it was still there in two weeks. It disappeared after a few days and hasn't come back since. I asked my friends, and some of them get lumps like this quite frequently in the lead-up to their period.

picklemepopcorn Thu 30-Mar-17 08:16:36

The advice about checking your breasts says that they change over the month, and you need to learn what your 'normal' lumpiness feels like so you will recognise unusual lumpiness.

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