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Need advice about rotas

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Meekonsandwich Wed 29-Mar-17 15:50:04

Okay. So I have a new job (less than 3 months)

Got my contract, states 4 weeks notice will be given for Rotas. Okay I can deal with that, I've done it before. I also realise that in cases of sickness, emergency that the Rota can change. I'm okay with this.


Twice now I've had the Rota change on my day off and the change means the day i come back I'm in earlier or later than I think I am. so ive had angry phone calls saying "why aren't you in yet."
"I' at x time, I.checked the rota"
"Well the Rota says y time now"
"When did it change?"
"I wasn't in at all yesterday"
"Well get here now."

Oh the joys. No texts no phone calls nothing.
I also book doctors appointments when I have mornings/days off, only to come in the next day and I haven't got them off any more. So I say I've booked an appointment because it was my morning off. "Oh well you're needed, we can't ask any body else"

So I have to rearrange and lo and behold the schedule has changed again. I can't make the appointments on a Saturday because we work all weekend too.

I'm getting so stressed because of it, I have medical issues so I'm trying to get doctors and hospital appointments and it's not working.
I've tried asking for the day/morning off specifically to go to a medical appointment and I just get scheduled in. Holidays are 4 weeks in advance and the doctors don't do appointments that far away.

Do I need to look for a new job??

mumeeee Wed 29-Mar-17 15:58:05

I work in Health and Social care as a support worker. Rotas can change but there has to be at least 24 hours notice and that only in an emergency.
The 24 hours is actually by law.
Your line manager should phone or text you if they have to change the rota.
If you have an appointment booked on your time off then you can say you can't work.
Who is actually changing the rotas?

bigbluebus Wed 29-Mar-17 16:12:34

I often wonder how people on rotas manage with booking appointments. DS has a part time job during his gap year. He is contracted for 10 hours a week but often rostered for more. His rota only comes out on a Wed/Thurs before the new wroking week starts on the following Sunday. It is impossible for him to plan anything. He needs to book an appointment for something next week. His rota is out today but they have rostered him for a day he has requested off - so now he doesn't know which day they will change it to - so still can't arrange his important appointment. Grrr.

Your employer is totally unreasonable to change your working times without any way of you knowing on your day off.

Is this the Care industry by any chance?

Meekonsandwich Wed 29-Mar-17 16:47:10

The store manager is in charge of the Rotas.

Oh so 24 hours is the law?
Do they have to notify you?? Could they say "well I changed the Rota at 10am yesterday (even though I wasn't bloody there to see it) and you're in at 12 today so thats more than 24hours notice"?

I did stand my ground and say "I've booked an urgent medical appointment for that day because I had the morning off."
All I got back was
"Well no one else can cover it because we're short staffed so you have to come in"

I could understand if it was my contract hours, but often I'm put in for 10 or 20 hours more than my contract.

It isn't the care industry but I have been in it before so I know how tough it can be.

x2boys Wed 29-Mar-17 16:51:41

i was a nurse for years the protocol where i worked was they had to give you two weeks notice of a rota change and you were supposed to have a months worth of rotas in advance [although this didnt always happen]

5moreminutes Wed 29-Mar-17 16:53:31

I work on a rota which comes out monthly. They do rota me on for more than my hours, which is annoying as i am then in credit but can't choose when to "spend" my credit.

However once the rota is out they ask if they need people to swap shifts, even if it's to cover sickness. I'd have resigned pretty quickly if they'd behaved the way your employer is - very unprofessional.

x2boys Wed 29-Mar-17 16:53:52

I dont think they can expect you to mind read if your not at work when they change the rota then they have to let you knowconfused i think they are being very unreasonable.

harderandharder2breathe Wed 29-Mar-17 17:10:11

Surely common sense says if you change a rota you need to make sure people know it's changed. As an absolute bare minimum.

Rotas are often tricky, often do need changing, but the people making changes need to understand that people arrange things based on the rota, so you need to check they don't have plans before you change it.

mumeeee Wed 29-Mar-17 19:18:50

You have to notify you if they change your Rota. The manager should text or phone you not just change it on the rota.
24 hours notice is supposed to be for emergencies

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