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To gift on this wardrobe?

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MadJeffBarn Wed 29-Mar-17 12:12:57

In early February we were given some furniture by a local charity, but unfortunately one of the wardrobes doesn't fit anywhere in either of the two bedrooms. We called back on the same day to let them know, and they said they would come pick it up. They didn't turn up, so I called again. Fast forward 6 weeks and 3 more phonecalls, collection dates, then them not turning up, and it's still sat in my hallway. Our clothes horse is in our kitchen, which is tiny (literally 3 steps either way) which means we have to move it round whenever we have to get into the kitchen. Wibu of me to source another family in need to give it to (I wouldn't dream of selling it) or keep trying the charity? I appreciate they're very busy but we simply can't keep it in our hallway any longer sad

WinterRose92 Wed 29-Mar-17 12:20:05

You've tried enough times to sort it out with the charity. 6 weeks is a bit much, isn't it?! They've had plenty of time to collect it, it's not like you haven't tried! I think you should pass it on to another family 😊

EssentialHummus Wed 29-Mar-17 12:22:22

I'd write them one final message/letter setting out the same as your OP and explaining that if they don't collect by X date you'll need to find another family to pass it on to.

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