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To quit work

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theycallmestacythatsnotmyname Wed 29-Mar-17 11:24:12

I've had enough of my job, I'm stressed out and bored, im a single parent so never really get to spend quality time with my dcs and I can see that they are struggling with my absence.
I've been there for almost 4 years there's no career progression and if I stay feel like I would be wasting my life.

So aibu to just give my 4 weeks notice and leave?

Also if I voluntarily leave would I be able to claim universal credit?

MrsPinkCock Wed 29-Mar-17 11:56:56

If you leave work voluntarily then there's a very good chance you'd be sanctioned and unable to claim benefits for a while.

How will you afford to support yourself and your family?

I think you'd be better off concentrating your efforts on a job that you enjoy or that has more flexibility - can you request to reduce your hours and see if that helps at all?

LonginesPrime Wed 29-Mar-17 11:58:39

I'd say don't rush into anything. I'm a single parent too and appreciate the stress you must be under, but the times I've thought about quitting, I'm always glad later that I stuck it out (even if that resulted in my ultimately changing jobs).

I don't know whether you've ever taken a career gap, but I did when my DC were small and always have to explain it in interviews, despite the fact they're teenagers now (one recruiter told me the assumption is that you've had kids or been in jail if there's a gap on your CV..). Obviously, if your DC need you and you end up taking time off, I'm sure you'll find a way to spin it at future interviews if you end up going back to work, but it's worth thinking about that before you hand in your notice. Future employers might also ask the reason you left.

If I were you, I'd look into changing jobs as a first step, in the hope of finding something more compatible with your situation.

Is it your industry that you find boring or just your specific role? How does it tie in with your long terms plans?

SecretNetter Wed 29-Mar-17 11:59:54

Yabu. Suck it up for the meantime and look for something else.

NoLotteryWinYet Wed 29-Mar-17 12:01:54

i agree, don't jump without a parachute. Remember you can take a week off sick and self certificate if you're feeling desperate, and use it to rest and then plan how to either improve your job or get a better one if you can.

theycallmestacythatsnotmyname Wed 29-Mar-17 12:12:18

I don't really want to be without a job, I think I just need a break to sort out a lot of things at home that I haven't got that time to do now.

I'm also looking for something that fits in with the dcs as we live quite far from there school and this job was very convinent as it's only ten minutes away so I can always do pick ups drop offs.

Hoppinggreen Wed 29-Mar-17 12:14:01

Unless you have savings or another form of income then I'm afraid that you just dont have the luxury of having a break to sort things out.

theycallmestacythatsnotmyname Wed 29-Mar-17 12:46:39

I have a little bit of savings but that would only cover my rent for a few

theycallmestacythatsnotmyname Wed 29-Mar-17 12:47:34

Months..sorry posted too soon.

I've been applying for school based jobs but have had no luck so far.

JeanSeberg Wed 29-Mar-17 12:51:39

What line of work are you in? Is it one with plenty of temp work about?

I resigned from a job last year but had plenty of savings to fall back on, fortunately.

NoLotteryWinYet Wed 29-Mar-17 13:00:47

if you've had no luck with school based jobs, have you asked for feedback about what you could do to boost your chances?

Meekonsandwich Wed 29-Mar-17 13:29:26

Yeaaaahhh to quit would be a little bit nuts. You wouldn't get any benefits for up to a couple of months for quitting. And you're bored a work, how boring do you think staying at home will be?!?!?!

Look for something else.

PaperdollCartoon Wed 29-Mar-17 13:36:59

Much better to just look for a new job when you still have one. Why isn't that your first option?

JeanSeberg Wed 29-Mar-17 13:38:50

how boring do you think staying at home will be?!?!?!

I've just been lucky enough to have four months work-free, not been bored at all.

Off topic I know and agree that the OP would be unwise to resign in her current situation.

theycallmestacythatsnotmyname Wed 29-Mar-17 13:43:09

I work in a private members club organising events weddings,funerals birthdays etc.

My working background before i had dcs was school based and i was the deputy manager of a breakfast/after school club so I am fully qualified to work within those settings.

theycallmestacythatsnotmyname Wed 29-Mar-17 13:54:25

I'm bored because the business is very quiet, it's the same basic monotonous job, of course being at home would be quite boring too but It wouldn't be forever ok would be looking for more suitable work and fixing up my home, I've had a chest of drawers sat in my bedroom for two months as I haven't found the time to put them together.

Kiroro Wed 29-Mar-17 13:56:07

how boring do you think staying at home will be?!?!?!

There is a saying that only boring people get bored...

Hellmouth Wed 29-Mar-17 13:57:12

If you didn't have dependents, I would say go for it.

In your current situation, I think you should make sure you have a job first.

Whatthefreakinwhatnow Wed 29-Mar-17 14:01:13

Bloody hell, our house needs decorating top to bottom, the cars both want sorting out and don't get me started on the oven, but I wouldn't give up workto catch up on crap that needs doing at home!

You've got children to support haven't you?
You wouldn't be able to claim anything for weeks, possibly months- once you could unless your children are very young you'll be expected to look for work or be sanctioned aren't you? And are benefits enough to live comfortably on? I'm guessing not.

I'd stay with it for now, being bored is no reason to act recklessly. Just keep looking for other jobs

JeanSeberg Wed 29-Mar-17 14:01:49

Are you doing everything to maximize your chances of finding a new job:

- CV recently reviewed by a professional (could be friend or colleague in a different company)
- cover letters to each specific application
- registered on all the job sites - Glass Door, Reed, Fish4Jobs, CV Library, Monster etc
- registered with all the recruitment agencies in your area
- happy that your performance at interview isn't letting you down

LonginesPrime Wed 29-Mar-17 14:10:11

Have you thought about widening your geographical search for new jobs too? If you're only applying to the handful of nearby schools when something comes up there, you could be limiting your chances.

I had to get a childminder for my youngest to get the job I really wanted when I returned to work as there was nothing close enough to fit in with the pre-school run. It was annoying for a bit but it didn't last forever and improved my CV.

theycallmestacythatsnotmyname Wed 29-Mar-17 14:29:09

whatthefreak yes I do have children to support, they are the main reason as to why I feel I need to be at home more, not just to decorate my house.

Ds6 is falling behind in school with his reading/writing and we are in the very early stages of getting him diagnosed with dyslexia.

Ds7 has severe anxieties about me leaving him due to his dad leaving so he is constantly hanging onto me, he sleeps in my bed every night as I can barely get him into bed without a fight.

Im physically and mentally exhausted and my job is adding to that, it is soul destroying to come to a place that you really don't want to be knowing there are more important things going on at home.

jean I had help from reed yo create a new cv and I'm registered on their site aswell as jobsforworkingmum, I've never heard of glass door but I will have a look later on.

Lingotria Wed 29-Mar-17 14:33:01

Apply for executive assistant or PA type roles for governmental bodies/local council. There is a huge demand for people with your level of experience

theycallmestacythatsnotmyname Wed 29-Mar-17 14:34:22

longines yes I've applied for jobs in two different boroughs the one I live in and the one the dcs go to school in.

The problem is we live in temporary accommodation so as I said I drive 6 miles to dcs school everyday and I work round the corner from their school, finding a job nearer home would mean they would be at breakfast and after school club as I wouldn't be able to get them.

I know it sounds like I'm making excuses bit I'm trying to solve so many problems and I'm only one person, their dad is no help at all and rarely sees them unless he wants to.

JeanSeberg Wed 29-Mar-17 15:20:35

Sorry things are tough for you OP. Hope they improve soon and that we can help you with advice on the job hunting.

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