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To think the baby (ok toddler) knows when i lie down, even if he's sleep?

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MommaGee Wed 29-Mar-17 01:09:30

Toddler usually goers quite easily and largely sleeps through. Until I come to bed and lie down. Particularly about 3 minutes after DH is asleep. If I go in and settle him he'll doze back off. I go back to my room avoiding the creaky floorboards. He stays asleep. I stand for a bit. He stays asleep. I shot on the bed. He stays asleep. I lie down, he wakes up. If I lie down and dose off quickly he wakes up screaming.

By about 4.30 he's normally so exhausted he sleeps. Occasionally he wants to pay for an hour. Up at usual time and manages on a short nap all day.

He's torturing me isn't he? Punishment floor baths and tooth cleaning and threatening top cut his hair

Any ideas how to keep him asleep? Can literally be every few minutes up to half hourly from midnight till 5.

Haudyerwheesht Wed 29-Mar-17 02:02:28

Well why can't dh help?

contractor6 Wed 29-Mar-17 06:41:09

My toddler has phase like this, when it happens I grab duvet and blankets and we both sleep on the floor in her room. Then she'll sleep through for another month. I think it is because she needs comfort occasionally and if I give it she then is happy and doesn't need it again.

MommaGee Wed 29-Mar-17 23:35:53

haudyer DH is pretty much deaf once his hearing aids are out and he struggles sleeping in them. When my waters went i had Rio physically come into the room and shake him as he didn't hear me yelling! !

contractor I have a blanket for his floor. He's not allowed to escape the cot aha. I think it is just a comfort thing, sometimes he just likes to be touched bit it does feel like his baby spidey senses can tell when momma needs sleep lol

SmallBee Wed 29-Mar-17 23:44:09

There are baby monitors you can buy specifically for deaf people that flash and/or vibrate instead. I'm guessing that you have a smoke alarm that does something similar anyway?

If it makes you feel any better mins know when I'm sleeping, eating or using the loo. I can't do anything.

MommaGee Wed 29-Mar-17 23:48:14

Oh SmallBee I'll look. Fire service were meant to sort us one, I should chase that... I'll be honest it skipped my mind with all that's been going on with the baby (toddler).
Discussing on the bus random wake ups and it seems to be about 1am and 4am. Maybe they're all in cahoots haha

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