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to still f**king be starving after 1000 calories?!

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user1481140239 Tue 28-Mar-17 18:11:32

So, today I was still hungry after lunch so I researched and totalled up the calories I had eaten, just out of interest. I had a late Breakfast - 2 boiled eggs and 2 crumpet with butter, banana for snack, then at lunch time a small veg curry with brown rice, small bag of plain popcorn, and a mini cadbury freddo thing. I Had also drunk about 1 litre of water by then, nothing else. It came to around 1000 calories! I walk to work but have a sedentary desk job. I'm a couple of stone heavier than I would like to be. I know my diet isn't 100% nutrition - the chocolate and crumpet but it's not the worst either - isn't it ridiculous to be hungry after 1000 calories in the space of 4 hours? Anyone else can;t stop being hungry?

sonyaya Tue 28-Mar-17 18:13:56

No, I am always hungry too!

sonyaya Tue 28-Mar-17 18:14:20

Just wait for someone to be along to tell you that what you've eaten today would be enough to last them for a week hmm

GrumpyOldBag Tue 28-Mar-17 18:15:06

Are you sure it's hunger not boredom?

I often confuse the 2.

d270r0 Tue 28-Mar-17 18:15:37

The trick is to also have masses of vegetables. They are super low calories but fill you up loads.

blackteasplease Tue 28-Mar-17 18:16:12

I'm always fucking starving too.

scaredofthecity Tue 28-Mar-17 18:16:34

It's it hormone related? I'm always ravenous a few days before AF

CaoNiMartacus Tue 28-Mar-17 18:16:52

I find it varies depending on the time of the month. Round about now, just as I'm ovulating, I could eat a fucking horse most days. Give it a week, and I'll be less of a monster.

ShowMePotatoSalad Tue 28-Mar-17 18:17:36

I've a massive appetite. I can put away so much food. I must have a high metabolism because I'm quite slim though.

MongerTruffle Tue 28-Mar-17 18:17:39

Drink loads of water and try to distract yourself with something.

kscience Tue 28-Mar-17 18:17:47

Its not the amount of calories that will affect how hungry you are.

I have been known to consume my daily calorie allowance in cream cakes.....then soon hungry a couple of hours afterwards, but not surprising.

Go for protein and wholegrain foods to help you feel fuller for longer.

I am lucky that my job is pretty active, but when I have more sedentary jobs have had to be much more disciplined about my eating habits as self control is not a string point for me where food is concerned

SignOnTheWindow Tue 28-Mar-17 18:18:09

Yep, me.

Depends on the time of month and also level of depression. When I my depression isn't managed by medication, I have an insatiable appetite.

For the three days before my period, I am constantly hungry.

I was never clinically overweight, but until I had kids I was about a stone heavier than I am now. Weirdly I lost about 1/2 a stone per child! It must be a hormonal thing for me.

TwentyCups Tue 28-Mar-17 18:18:21

May be boredom over hunger but equally you might need more food. You say you had a small portion of the veg curry and rice, maybe next time ditch the freddo and have a bigger portion of that? Lentils/chickpeas in your curry add few calories but full you up more.

ShowMePotatoSalad Tue 28-Mar-17 18:18:26

I agree re veg. Cauliflower fills me up a lot so that's a good one. In a curry with potatoes it's absolutely yum. See I'm hungry now just talking about it.

expatinscotland Tue 28-Mar-17 18:18:50

If you're hungry, EAT!

MsUnderstanding Tue 28-Mar-17 18:19:02

I'm the same. I've started taking glucose tabs (dextrose energy) to help me walk home.

dontpokethebear Tue 28-Mar-17 18:19:24

AFH. Always. Fucking. Hungry.

I could eat my own body weight in veg and still be hungry.

The only thing that fills me up (for a short time at least) is processed carbs.

Applebite Tue 28-Mar-17 18:19:28

Yep, fat and protein will keep you feeling full for much longer. Crumpets, rice, popcorn are all pretty empty in that respect.

I always try to drink water if I feel hungry when I shouldn't be. If the urge to eat passes, I know my dumbass body has confused thirst with hunger!

SecretNetter Tue 28-Mar-17 18:20:18

One litre of water by half way through the day isn't that much really, especially if you're overweight, have done some exercise or eaten something salty.

It might me hunger but just as likely to be mistaken thirst IMO.

TwentyCups Tue 28-Mar-17 18:20:37

A good filling snack I have if I'm really hungry is whole grain toast with peanut butter. So filling!

The best question to ask yourself is are you hungry for toast? Hummus and veg? Fruit? Or do you only fancy chocolate, crisps, biscuits? If the latter it's not real hunger.

honeylulu Tue 28-Mar-17 18:21:23

I'm really surprised that is 1000 calories. It doesn't sound like much food at all to me.

justwanttoweeinpeace Tue 28-Mar-17 18:24:49

Another Mnetter recommended this book - see pic.

It's been really helpful, I can now tell the difference between real hunger, cravings and habit. The 1000 calorie thing is a bit easier.

justwanttoweeinpeace Tue 28-Mar-17 18:25:12


BakeOffBiscuits Tue 28-Mar-17 18:29:13

If you replaced a few things you wouldn't be still hungry.

Crumpets-wholemeal bread and butter
Plain popcorn and mini freddo- carrot sticks/ small lump of cheese.

And when you first posted it was 6 o'clock so its ok to feel hungry then, it's tea time!

user1481140239 Tue 28-Mar-17 18:41:08

Thank you all. all good points. I actually only had 1 crumpet - typo - but will replace with peanut butter on toast, I always think that will be more fatty but it will be more sustaining.
I wonder if hormones are the same on the Pill? I take rigevidon (or however you spell it) and stil get really bad PMT at the end of my pill pack and before my period and massively hungry when my period comes. I am on my last day of pill so maybe that's why I'm hungry. Vegetables just do not make me feel full in the same way a baked spud will! certain green veg actually bloats me and gives me IBS symptoms, I still eat it though.

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