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10 word answer. If you are pleased that Article 50 is being triggered tomorrow..

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BertrandRussell Tue 28-Mar-17 17:24:06


If you are over the moon, or walking on air or delighted, you can have 20 words.

CheeseQueen Tue 28-Mar-17 17:47:00

10 words? Wow, very specific. Thanks very much Thread Police.

pendeen123 Wed 29-Mar-17 00:03:41

How about this for starters - finally no longer a net contributor to the New German Empire (oops silly me that's eleven)

TeatimeForTheSoul Wed 29-Mar-17 00:09:49

... that the isolationists may find some peace and happiness at last (I'm off to natter to my fellow Europeans)

kimann Wed 29-Mar-17 00:10:18

why? there are plenty of threads about this already OP.

pendeen123 Wed 29-Mar-17 00:15:00

Yes teatime but which Europeans are those? Presumably not with Norwegians,Swiss or Icelanders? Is that because they're not in the EU or because their standard of living is too high?

milliemolliemou Wed 29-Mar-17 00:20:44

ten - so they can sit in a newspaper side bar?

Toadinthehole Wed 29-Mar-17 05:21:59

I will write a haiku instead.

Britain's an island
No longer dragging the chain.
Let them forge ahead.

RortyCrankle Wed 29-Mar-17 05:52:06

Because I believe we will be better off running our own affairs than being ruled by the bloated, unaudited, unelected and accountable, soon to be imploding EU.

Sorry I blasted through the word allowance smile

Donostia Wed 29-Mar-17 05:59:58

wasn't something said about haikus?

You campaign in poetry yet govern in prose.

Brexiters campaigned in haikus yet must govern in legalese.

(Sorry OP - clearly not happy unless you count the schadenfreude in the brexiters impending downfall).

tanfield90 Wed 29-Mar-17 07:51:06

It was going to happen sooner or later, wasn't it ?

SWtoSEGirl Wed 29-Mar-17 10:03:02

Nope Gutted. Lost my job as a result.

TeatimeForTheSoul Wed 29-Mar-17 19:01:24

Looking forward to the extra £350M a week fir the NHS smile cos a fellow Brit would never lie to us

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