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To think you don't smoke in an outdoor children's play area?

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CheepAndOrm Tue 28-Mar-17 16:11:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Ampersand22 Tue 28-Mar-17 16:14:30

I'm a smoker who doesn't have kids and not even I'd do this.

Awwlookatmybabyspider Tue 28-Mar-17 16:24:12

YANBU. However none of us like being dictated to.

TheNaze73 Tue 28-Mar-17 16:25:47

YANBU. Smoking should be banned in all public places. It's vile

Ifailed Tue 28-Mar-17 16:39:27

Did you drive there in a diesel powered car?

m0therofdragons Tue 28-Mar-17 16:44:01

I agree but last Sunday afternoon we were in the local big park and I was in the minority not smoking.

Smoking is the biggest cause of complex health conditions in the country, Diesel engines aren't so not really comparable. Although I'd definitely object if someone drove a diesel car into the playground and started revving hmm

Porpoiselife Tue 28-Mar-17 16:51:07

I think it depends on how big this park was. I mean was it a huge woodland area or a tiny bit of play equipment fenced in? Was this woman right near all the children or away from them at the side?

Theres a huge play area not far from us spread out over quite a bit of cleared woodland and I would have no issue with someone smoking at the edge there. But I would find it unreasonable for them to spark up if standing inside a small fenced playground right near children.

I think I'd have been more concerned about the behaviour of the parent taking their screaming toddler down the slide multiple times tbh.

(i'm not a smoker for the record)

miserableandinpain Tue 28-Mar-17 16:58:44

Its not just about the fumes and smoke but if they drop the ciagarette butt on the floor or dont put it out a child could come along and play with it/ eat it/ burn themselves

Keepithidden Tue 28-Mar-17 16:59:25

"Diesel engines aren't so not really comparable"

I think they could be you know. Check out AQMAs (air quality management areas) for example. FWIW though, no, smoking in/around play areas is a no-no for me.

CheepAndOrm Tue 28-Mar-17 19:01:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

HelenaWay Tue 28-Mar-17 19:06:19

It's outside. The smoke is blown away in seconds.

HouseOfGoldandBones Tue 28-Mar-17 19:12:09

I'm an ex smoker, and I entirely agree, it's just simply not appropriate.

In fact, my local council (Edinburgh) has banned smoking from all kids play areas.

FuzzyOwl Tue 28-Mar-17 19:18:52

I think it is unlikely the diesel engine would be in the play area though and the OP has stated that s/he doesn't object to smoking outside of children's facilities.

M0stlyBowlingHedgehog Tue 28-Mar-17 19:20:50

My local park now has signs up asking people not to smoke in the play area. It's not about second hand smoke (yes, we all realise it blows away outdoors!), it's about normalising a behaviour which kills 50% of the people who do it, normalising it in front of the next generation.

Crunchymum Tue 28-Mar-17 19:25:07

Have seen this twice in the past 3 days (2 different parks - both with a children's area fenced off from the main park. So person could have literally just gone round otherside of fence and still been able to see their kids. One of the smokers was with a partner anyway so could have fucked off miles away to smoke)

It's just so unnecessary?

And I'm an ex smoker with a partner who still smokes.

thatorchidmoment Tue 28-Mar-17 19:38:18

I spent four months in Vancouver last year. The lovely big playpark with waterworks two minutes' walk up the hill was perfect to take my 3 kids to on a sunny afternoon... But it was permanently surrounded by loafers and hippies smoking weed. The stench was awful. At no point did I see anyone being challenged over it. It was accepted as completely normal.

YANBU. I agree with the poster pointing out that although smoke exposure outside is minimal (yet still very unpleasant to anyone with a good sense of smell), it's more about not tolerating behaviour that is damaging and frankly antisocial.

Keepithidden Tue 28-Mar-17 20:29:02

Sorry Cheep. It wasn't meant as a dig, just a misconception that crops up in my line of work on a regular basis. I suspect it is the older HGVs and PSVs that are the main culprits.

Meekonsandwich Tue 28-Mar-17 22:01:06

Why would you smoke in front of children?!
You're normalizing something that's so harmful when we try to teach our children to be safe, look when crossing the road, don't run with scissors ect. you have no leg to stand on if you try to teach your kids not to smoke because you do it.

Where do you draw the line? Do you drink in front of your kids? Take drugs?

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