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To feel a bit uncomfortable at the idea of sharing a bed with DSS?

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SharkiraSharkira Mon 27-Mar-17 23:09:35

Dp and I were talking about taking a mini break with dss on one of his upcoming contact weekends.

Dp has a kind of camper van type thing that has a bed in the back we can sleep in but it's only really meant for 2 - he seemed to be under the impression that we could all share the bed.

Aibu to be uncomfortable with this idea? Because a) he is 8 so not small and I'd be worried we would all the squashed and uncomfortable, b) I would worry about rolling on him/keeping him awake (I tend to roll around and fidget in my sleep) and c) he isn't my child and I'm just not happy sharing a bed with a child who isn't my own. Fwiw I wouldn't be happy if another woman (step mum) did it with my ds', and not sure how dss' mum would feel either. Dss and I have a good relationship so I don't think he would mind but aibu for feeling 'off' about it?

Etymology23 Mon 27-Mar-17 23:11:54

All consideration of whether it's "ok" aside that sounds vastly uncomfortable and unpleasant to all involved to me. Camper beds aren't usually more than a double even?

WorraLiberty Mon 27-Mar-17 23:12:43

It wouldn't worry me personally. I'd just get DP to sleep in the middle.

I think the most important thing is how your DSS feels about it.

Mind you, most camper vans I've seen have a rather large bed at the back that you could comfortably sleep 3 in.

SharkiraSharkira Tue 28-Mar-17 08:09:08

The bed in question is probably a small double so it would be quite a squeeze. The front of the van has a big 'bench' seat so I suggested dss sleep on that but dp seemed to think I was BU to not want to share the bed with him.

BarbarianMum Tue 28-Mar-17 08:37:50

Agree with Worra - just get your dh to sleep in the middle.

averythinline Tue 28-Mar-17 08:46:42

A campaervan trip can be good fun but you need to be able to sleep and I would be surprised the 3 of you would sleep well in a camper double - I too would not sleep with someone elses 8 year old ( i wouldnt have slept with my own 8 year old if i could avoid it wriggly bugger grin)

Could you sleep on the bench seat? then dp and dss can share the double..
or getting a camping mat (SIM ) or airbed and put that on the floor of the camper can get smaller ones for kids ...

wait until the weathers warmer and take a small tent for you to sleep in next to the camper!

If you can work out the logistics can be good fun thing to do

Is there anyway of adding a pop top to the van then dss can sleep there (not technical so no idea!)

GinAndOnIt Tue 28-Mar-17 08:51:04

My dad had a camper van back in the day, and he built a shelf just below the ceiling for a child bed - it worked really well! It was extendable so the rest of the time it was just pushed back, and he didn't bother with a ladder or anything because of where the table/sofa was made it easy to hop into. Might be worth doing?

Crumbs1 Tue 28-Mar-17 08:54:38

I wouldn't worry about sleeping with someone else's child. I've done it lots of times with friends children (during thunderstorms etc when they've stopped over) but a campervan bed is tiny.

SharkiraSharkira Tue 28-Mar-17 09:24:52

It's not a 'proper' camper van as such just been converted into one, there is literally just the bed in the back so no extra room on the floor and I don't think anything could be added to the roof/ceiling. I wouldn't fit in the front seat, only dss would as he is shorter!

JonesyAndTheSalad Tue 28-Mar-17 09:26:56

It doesn't sound much of a holiday if you have to share with a child! If you're not comfortable with it then don't do it.

Wishiwasmoiradingle2017 Tue 28-Mar-17 09:29:02

Tell him to park it in the grounds of a fab 5 star hotel and book yourself a room and they can share the camper van!! grin

SharkiraSharkira Tue 28-Mar-17 09:31:46

Sounds like a decent compromise Moira grin

Not sure dp will go for it though!

winewolfhowls Tue 28-Mar-17 09:35:07

Tent for dh and son outside and you stay in the camper bed?

Heratnumber7 Tue 28-Mar-17 09:42:17

I was just about to say what wine said.
Take a tent and either DSS, DSS and DP or you and DP sleep in the tent.

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