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Or is this too much

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blueparrotcake Mon 27-Mar-17 21:26:36

I love my job. I've worked incredibly hard to get here against the odds, and am doing well, with a promotion being talked about in the near future, despite having two periods of maternity leave in the last three years.

I love my dcs and would probably like to have one more. We have good childcare, but are just looking at our next step re school/ forever house etc.

The problem is that my job takes about 60 plus hours a week. It's high stress (which I handle well) and unpredictable. I have some flexibility, so I see the kids four a couple of hours each day and have a half day off each week.

But I am knackered. Youngest is still under one, so perhaps that will get easier. There is no time for me/ couple stuff, although DH and I do lots with the kids together and our relationship is good.

But is this just to much and will it only get worse as they get older? I basically feel like I am permanently a Crap employee/parent/ partner, enjoying each individual role but never doing any of it well. Yo top it off we live in a stupidly expensive part of the country, so even though I am paid well it all goes on mortgage and childcare.

So should I give it all up ? Or suck it up as I am so lucky to at least have choices ???

JonesyAndTheSalad Tue 28-Mar-17 07:04:11

In all honesty, as kids grow, they seem to take up even more time. They need ferrying to clubs and friend's homes, they get in bother and have tricky patches.

I can understand you wanting another but I was in a similar situation and stuck at two.

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