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BT Phone/tv/broadband - aibu?

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Cookingongas Mon 27-Mar-17 11:06:42

I may need some perspective here as I'm furious.

My dm has a bt phone/ broadband/ television contract. She's recently given up complaining regarding the awful speeds of her supposedly super fast broadband- she got nowhere and still only as limited speed so gave up.

She contacted bt online in web chat (she's partially deaf so struggles on the phone) the conversation went as follows

Dm: I would like to know if I leave you for broadband and telephone what will I be charged?
Bt: 400for television
200 for phone and broadband
Dm: I'm happy with my television so can I confirm it'll be £200 to switch Bb and phone?
Bt: yes £200 cancellation fee for phone and broadband- can we call you about this?
Dm: I'm partially deaf hence my choice of webchat. I will continue my television and look at other options for Bb and phone. Thank you
Bt: thank you

Bt then phoned the next dayhmm

She chose another supplier shortly after this conversation and started her switch. Only to receive notice from bt of £600 charge.

It turns out she can't leave for just the phone and broadband. She didnt know this. Nor did the agent she spoke to tell her. She reiterated that she was happy with tv! She was clear what her intentions were- they chose not to be clear and tell her! I feel that they should let her go for the £200 even if she loses their tv as they failed to tell her the truth. She reiterated that she didn't want to leave for tv- they had ample opportunity to tell her. They are currently refusing.

So she is being forced to stay with the lying bastards. I'm considering escalating my complaint- Aibu to fight this?

Sylvannas Mon 27-Mar-17 11:22:15

Does she have a copy of the Web chat? If that's what was promised they should honour it. It'd be handy if you had the Web chat script as it's proof they lied. You should be able to complain to head office and if no resolution go to the regulator body.

Cookingongas Mon 27-Mar-17 11:59:13

Yes I do have a copy. What's above is correct to the web chat (taking out data sensitive aspects and actual cost values)

They are insisting because she hasn't left yet, she still has the choice to avoid the fee (by cancelling her new provider and staying with them) and they have done nothing wrong. The manager I spoke to said that the agent had given her a breakdown of cost- which he has- but she goes on to breakdown what she thought she'd be charged! And he agreed! The manager said it was open to interpretation! I'm furious that they won't honour what she confirmed she'd pay.

wasonthelist Mon 27-Mar-17 12:31:18

YANBU BT are scum (in my experience and opinion).

Littlemeg37 Mon 27-Mar-17 13:07:51

I have been with BT for years with phone/broadband and tv and have had speed issues in the past. I eventually emailed the CEO of BT as I was getting nowhere and was sick of having to repeat what was wrong over and over. Once I emailed the CEO it got sorted pretty fast and I didn't have to keep phoning and repeating everything as they gave me another phone number to call, maybe try emailing him and see what happens, good luck.

Firesuit Mon 27-Mar-17 13:50:55

I think they have a fair point, that she can afford the fee. I don't think you can hold them liable for erroneous information if it's corrected in time.

I'm astonished at how high the fee is though.

I very much doubt changing to the same service with a different provider will make any difference to how well her broadband works. If there's a problem downstream of the local exchange, there will still be problem whatever provider she uses. The problem is unlikely to be upstream.

Firesuit Mon 27-Mar-17 13:51:18

avoid the fee, not afford.

Cookingongas Mon 27-Mar-17 14:23:48

I know that they have "corrected their mistake" in time but I think that that they should take responsibility for the fact that they have given erroneous information to an oap and now won't honour their mistake. Switching etc is stressful enough especially for the elderly- she did the right thing in asking, and confirming what she would be charged. They fucked up. Not her.

I live in the same street and am with virgin - I get good speed.

LurkingHusband Mon 27-Mar-17 14:27:51

It's a matter of dispute as to whether she is cancelling the contract in the first place, if BT haven't actually delivered their end to start with.

Might be worth writing a letter stating that since BT have been unable to provide what was initially contracted for, then your DM is stopping paying, and will wait 28 days for any monies paid to be refunded before starting legal action (Moneyclaim online) to recover them.

That way, if BT want to play hardball, they'd have to enter a defence to a court claim, rather than make one themselves.

Also might be worth requesting this thread is moved to Legal Matters ?

jay55 Mon 27-Mar-17 14:44:11

Double check that it is possible to get the broadband speed she has been sold. Might as well try and fight back.

SquinkiesRule Mon 27-Mar-17 15:47:28

We just dumped bt and went to sky to phone fibre broadband and tv.
I did it a week or so after getting the email saying it was going up again, that way I didn't have to pay anything as you can switch if the price changes so long as you do it within a month of the notice. Did she get an email about it? If so check the date and call them to cancel if it's within the time limit.
They didn't charge me anything, and I got a 24 pound refund
I hope she can get this sorted.

Bailey101 Mon 27-Mar-17 16:12:40

I had the same package with bt and the same issues!! I complained every single time there was a problem and eventually after having made so many complaints, they agreed to cancel my contract early with no exit fees. You do have to complain consistently though, and be very firm in wanting to speak to a senior manager (the team leaders can't help, it has to be a manager in a uk based call centre).

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