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To be annoyed at dh? (Lighthearted)

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Mammylamb Sun 26-Mar-17 11:10:35

So, on Saturday morning, ds (18 months) wakes up at 630. I get up with him and have breakfast, get him dressed, have a shower with him playing in the bathroom and do some tidying. At 830 husband gets up and has a lovely long shower to himself. Doesn't bother me as I'll get a lovely long lie on Mother's Day. Except. Son wakes at 730 (so 630 really what with the clock change) and husband doesn't move. 15 mins later both son and dog 🐶 are in bed with us causing general mayhem while husband doses. I get a quarter inch of mattress. At 9am dh finally gets up and I get up 15 mins later,. At 945 husband looks at me and says "you got a much longer lie than me" . "Oh no I didn't; I was up at 915 which was really 815 therefor I didn't get a longer lie". He is insisting that I got a longer lie than him!!! And I get ds dressed and ready while he has a luxury shower! Arggghh don't know what I'm more annoyed at; Dh thinking I got more sleep and that I owe him one the clocks going forward or the fact that my long lie was interrupted by Ds and dd (darling doggy) climbing all over me.

TotalPineapple Sun 26-Mar-17 11:17:57


My DH sleeps like the dead, and goes back to sleep instantly, he forgets other people don't. During his lie-in yesterday I took dd swimming, during 'my lie in' this morning he got up and changed her nappy, then popped her back in the cot next to me awake and babbling. Then he went back to sleep, while I lay awaking listening to her coo until she needed feeding (6months and still mainly bf). Then he got up and made tea like we'd all had a refreshing lie-in.

Mammylamb Sun 26-Mar-17 11:30:27

And with a 6 month old you need all the bloody sleep you can get! I was so looking forward to the long lie in bed ON MY OWN!

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