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To be sick of being unwell and not knowing wtf is wrong with me?

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user1490398414 Sat 25-Mar-17 21:20:50

I have been unwell since November. I don't know how to describe how I feel; I just feel unwell, tired and completely drained of energy all the time.

I have had to reduce my days at work from five days a week to three days a week because I just don't have the energy to get anything done. On my days off it is not unusual for me to either spend all day sleeping or simply not be able to get out of bed because I do not have the energy to move.

I have had several blood tests, an ECG and an echocardiogram and they have all come back clear. My GP has ordered another blood test next week but I think they feel like I'm wasting their time.

But surely this is not normal? There must be something wrong with me. I just want to feel normal sad

Rhubarbara Sat 25-Mar-17 21:21:37

Did GP check your Vitamin D Levels?

SlB09 Sat 25-Mar-17 21:23:28

Have they done any neurological testing? Anything else healthwise wrong? How are your periods? work stressful?

Muttonvuitton Sat 25-Mar-17 21:23:31

how old are you?

What do you mean by unwell? Just tired?

IHeartKingThistle Sat 25-Mar-17 21:23:31

I was like this. It was vitamin D. Hugs.

SlB09 Sat 25-Mar-17 21:24:09

And I can completely understand why you feel like you do x

confusednorthner Sat 25-Mar-17 21:24:19

I was going to say same thing Vit D! Mine was very low, I had terrible joint pain, struggled to get out a chair in evening, couldn't sleep but constantly feeling exhausted. Have they checked it?

DangerousBeanz Sat 25-Mar-17 21:25:33

Get your thyroid function checked and your vit d levels xx

user1490398414 Sat 25-Mar-17 21:26:03

I'm 27 and just feel so unwell sad

I either feel really tired and have no energy or I feel lightheaded and dizzy.

My periods are fine. They're actually very light and regular.

user1490398414 Sat 25-Mar-17 21:28:24

How do they test vitamin D levels? Do they not test for that anyway in blood tests?

How do they test thyroid function?

QuiteLikely5 Sat 25-Mar-17 21:28:49

Insulin resistance?

RandomMess Sat 25-Mar-17 21:30:50

I don't think Vit D is routine and also it could be that your levels are way too low for you but borderline on the "acceptable" range.

Also thyroid to look at.

No pain at all, just exhaustion?

Beachcomber Sat 25-Mar-17 21:32:56

Has your b12 level been looked at?

user1490398414 Sat 25-Mar-17 21:35:01

B12 has been looked at and it's fine. Same with iron.

SlB09 Sat 25-Mar-17 21:40:54

ask your doctor what they are testing for, keep yourself informed throughout. They will work systematically looking for common causes first then work their way through to the rare. This can be frustrating and time consuming on the NHS as you have to wait for appointments for echos etc before moving onto the next thing if thats normal.

Im guessing from your symptoms and tests they are suspecting cardiac causes but im sure they will have tested for aneamia, thyroid, diabetes, vit d, liver kidneys etc in your blood tests, this is pretty routine along with basics like blood pressure, weight. But there are lots of other causes and unfortunately fatigue is one of those symptoms that can be really tricky to find a definate answer to - but all avenues should be looked at by your GP.

Im sorry its so debilitating for you. Do make sure that you get everything explained to you, you might feel slightly more able to cope just having that knowledge.

Bebraveagain Sat 25-Mar-17 21:41:07

Perhaps get a thyroid panel done which includes checking fatique-inducing vitamin levels!
You really nerd to know where you are on the ranges. Do you have a print of the trsts done so far?

geordiedench Sat 25-Mar-17 21:43:11

Try DLux Vitamin D spray. I felt like you do for about three years. Same thing - endless blood tests, all coming back clear. After a few days of that spray, my energy returned.

BenjaminLinus Sat 25-Mar-17 21:44:52

Try anti-histamines for a few days and see if it is an allergy.

Brighteyes27 Sat 25-Mar-17 21:46:47

Keep plugging away with doctors I know it's hard when your feeling like this it could be thyroid low iron or a whole host of other things. Try and eat properly and be kind to yourself.

SadTrombone Sat 25-Mar-17 21:46:48

I was like this for ages, referred to a rheumatologist and all sorts before they checked my vitamin d which was massively deficient. Not checked as standard so worth asking for it

booellesmum Sat 25-Mar-17 21:47:55

Have you had a blood test for Myasthenia Gravis?
Hope whatever it is they figure it out soon and you get help.

Renaissance2017 Sat 25-Mar-17 21:51:26

As someone who was ill with an undiagnosed condition I was told a million things by well meaning people as to what it could be.

Take note, but check with your GP before you take any action on advice you are given by non medical people.

highinthesky Sat 25-Mar-17 21:58:39

It sounds like your GP is doing their best to get to the bottom of it.

I hope you are offering them more detail than you have in this thread, otherwise the answer may be a long time coming!

HashiAsLarry Sat 25-Mar-17 21:59:47

Do you know what your B12 level was? Some people struggle with the lower end of 'fine' levels and they've recently lowered the fine threshold.

I know how you feel though, I have pernicious anaemia (B12) but it didn't resolve my issues. It took a long slog and I've now been diagnoses with Hashimotos disease, but with thyroid levels 'fine' so not treatment. I started the autoimmune protocol and feel a lot better off now, although TBH I'm just waiting for my thyroid to die off enough to be treated sad.

Make sure you run through everything with a GP though before trying anything else though.

HumpMeBogart Sat 25-Mar-17 22:02:46

I could have written your post four years ago, OP. Still suffering with exhaustion and have had to give up full-time work too. All my tests are normal, but something is very wrong. I hope you get an answer soon.

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