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Minimalist wedding dresses

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ExsitedBride Fri 24-Mar-17 21:45:26

I am engaged and looking for a wedding dress. I really like the look of "minimalist" wedding dresses but wonder if they're too plain? Obviously don't want to ask my fiancé as would want the dress to be a surprise for him and my bridesmaids seem a bit underwhelmed when I show them what I'm looking at. I'm a size 10 if that's relevant and 5'5". If you saw a bride in something like this would you think it looked elegant and good or just boring? Honest opinions please!

gabsdot Fri 24-Mar-17 21:48:07

I think the're gorgeous

fourandnomore Fri 24-Mar-17 21:53:06

Beautiful, especially the middle one, best thing is to go and try one on on your own and see how you feel in it, congratulations by the way.

wobblywonderwoman Fri 24-Mar-17 21:53:12

Stunning - I do love accessories though - so a wow headpiece/band or veil or unusual bouquet of flowers / jewellery or whatever your taste

Moanyoldcow Fri 24-Mar-17 21:54:05

Very elegant. Not my cup of tea but I can appreciate the simplicity and think if they suit you then it will be stunning.

Happyandhungry Fri 24-Mar-17 21:55:23

I think you might regret it. I've seen many a "don't tell the bride" who say they want a plain dress then end up loving the one their fiance has picked which is a bit blingy. At a size 10 and 5'5" you'd look stunning in something ankle length. But I'd say go to a few shops try loads on of all different shapes and styles before you decide!

FelixtheMouse Fri 24-Mar-17 21:55:32

Very elegant!

loaferloveforyou Fri 24-Mar-17 21:56:45

Wish I had the figure to pull it off. The last wedding I went to the brides dress was minimalist and looked lovely on her. It's not the thing I would wear but it that's what you want go for it. I would say to try on a few different styles, both myself and my married friends have all ended up buying dresses which were completely different to what we originally wanted.

80sMum Fri 24-Mar-17 21:58:12

They're lovely dresses but I feel they're a little too revealing for a wedding dress (too clinging, rather like Pippa Middleton's dress at Kate's wedding). I would prefer something a little more demure and a little less sexy.

But don't listen to me, I am an old fuddyduddy!

ExsitedBride Fri 24-Mar-17 21:58:23

Do you think it's underselling the bride a bit?

SookiesSocks Fri 24-Mar-17 21:58:40

Its lovley OP.

My advice ( i was a bridal assistant back in the day) is try on at least 3 different styles including one you absolutly would not try on and the style you love plus an inbetween one.

Its amazing how many brides i worked with whose dream dress ended up being the style they said they would not like grin

fabulous01 Fri 24-Mar-17 21:58:49

Depends on thing such as the venue, number of guests etc. But I have watched a lot of wedding programmes
Ultimately though you have to get one that feels right for you as it is such a special day

sonjadog Fri 24-Mar-17 21:58:54

I think they look beautiful but what would concern me is that the very plain and slightly clingy material would show every lump and wobbly bit. Personally, I wouldn't feel comfortable in one as I don't have a good enough figure, but for the right person, they are lovely dresses.

blackteasplease Fri 24-Mar-17 21:59:44

Love them. Especially the first one.

ExsitedBride Fri 24-Mar-17 22:00:29


That's my concern too they look very clingy- what we need now is for someone to come along who has worn something similar to tell us the truth!

treaclesoda Fri 24-Mar-17 22:02:03

They're not boring at all, they are so elegant. If I had been slimmer when I got married (I wasn't 'big' but was very self concious of my stomach area) I would have chosen a dress like this, and I got married many many years ago. They are so timeless, and so classy. Do it OP smile

Philoslothy Fri 24-Mar-17 22:04:35

They are lovely, am so relieved that the strapless dresses are going out of fashion. They rarely suit the bride.

My only concern would be the clinginess of them and photos from many angles

affectionincoldclimate Fri 24-Mar-17 22:05:47

I think they are lovely but I'm a fan of minimalist style.
If you want a little more ornament while keeping the very simple aesthetic Roland Mouret is amazing. You can watch videos to see how the dresses "perform" on the body.

LevantineHummus Fri 24-Mar-17 22:06:07

My SIL wore a minimalist dress but with a fuller skirt (stiff satin). It was unbelievably elegant. She had a bouquet of only long stemmed Cala lilies. Simple veil that got removed later. No fancy hairdo (but done by hairdresser). Sometimes less really is more.

raisinsofwrath Fri 24-Mar-17 22:07:06

First one is lovely. Third is a bit clingy.

So much nicer than strapless.

PollyBanana Fri 24-Mar-17 22:11:37

If you want minimal without cling what about a grecian style?
Like this

Ohyesiam Fri 24-Mar-17 22:13:54

Really really elegant and stylish. If you suit it, I would really say go for it.

MrsTwix Fri 24-Mar-17 22:14:43

Elegant. Make sure you get th right underwear, it may need to be functional rather than frilly to avoid lumps and bumps.

DoorKnee Fri 24-Mar-17 22:15:41

I love them too. Carolyn Bessette Kennedy wore a beautiful simple bias cut wedding dress back in the 90s and it would still look amazing today.

HiMyNameIsUnknown Fri 24-Mar-17 22:19:12


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