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Recovery vehicle nuisance parking : bit convoluted

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ILikeBeansWithKetchup Fri 24-Mar-17 20:00:57

OK, I suspect there is nothing I can do about this (and I have no way of uploading a diagram before anyone asks...) but...

I live on a new estate on the entrance road. I have a large parking bay outside my house and am fairly stoical about every local taxi driver, delivery van. neighbourhood drug dealer, dog walker using the spaces.

I also have a very large parking bay across the road which isn't really used by anyone outside school run hours and will disappear once the estate is complete and I have shops opposite for the drug dealers to frequent instead.

Over the last four weeks or so ,a guy has taken to parking his silver Fiesta there (my neighbours swear blind he lives further into the estate, which would make him a genuinely lazy sod). At various points in the day and night, he comes into the estate with a big recovery vehicle (not a van) , reverses it into the rest of the bay (with those annoying reverse noises) and then speeds off in the Fiesta (I have seen him going out of the estate; the two other annoyed neighbours have seen him driving into the estate; I have also once seen him walking into the estate : he saw me watching him!)

Apparently if the road was adopted by the council there would be bye laws preventing commercial traffic from parking overnight in residential areas(lorry drivers can't). One night he even had some recued car on top of his vehicle!!

I know some companies make operatives lease vehicles and then keep them on drives and so on but surely not a great squacking thing like this!! I am assuming he does this because the road he lives on is too narrow to annoy his own neighbours. Don't really want to block his car in or anything ; the car doesn't bother me. And he doesn't look a charming , reasonable chap tbh...

AIBU to think he really shouldn't be parking his large vehicle outside residents' houses ?- especially given he often returns with it in the wee small hours and beep away reversing into the space... and I worry it might attract -more-crime

It's not just me whose annoyed btw : all the neighbours too!

Don't spend my whole life keeping his movements under surveillance, honest!

ILikeBeansWithKetchup Fri 24-Mar-17 20:01:30

aaargh who's not whose!! I am a grammar pedant and am so ashamed...

NeedMoreSleepOrSugar Fri 24-Mar-17 20:11:47

Is the parking bay public or private? If it's public then unfortunately he can park there if he likes, regardless of how annoying it is. The bylaws are usually about commercial vehicles on driveways within a development (but are rarely enforced in my experience) If the bay is private, is it assigned parking and to whom?
I'm confused as to how his parking would attract crime?

PossumInAPearTree Fri 24-Mar-17 20:15:11

Do you own the parking bay?

ILikeBeansWithKetchup Fri 24-Mar-17 20:16:39

Well, it's not really a parking bay : it's an area where a hut used to be which they sold houses out of. I'm a bit worried when it vanishes he will commandeer the space outside my house.

A fellow estate dweller has an ex DP who is a trucker and she says they are not allowed to park in residential areas at night. I presume it's their companies that say this because of a) crime and b) their reputations.

I realise there's not much I can do - just frustrated at his lack of neighbourliness I guess.

Re the crime - we have a fair amount of low level and opportunistic crime round here, including vehicle break ins. I don't think I'd be happy if my 'rescued' car was left so ostentatiously overnight! And he keeps stuff in boxes in both his car and lorry...

I'd be wiling to bet his company thinks this thing is parked outside his house...

hamble123 Fri 24-Mar-17 21:15:52

Do you have a car of your own? If so, perhaps you could park just in front or behind where he parks his Fiesta (or maybe your neighbours might?) Or ask your friends and neighbours' visitors to park there too?

I assume the recovery people he works for has a name and maybe an address (unless it is the AA/RAC) on the side of his recovery vehicle? You could take a photo, print it off and send it in (anonymously, perhaps) stating that it is causing an inconvenience in the immediate neighbourhood and you are not sure how secure it is bearing in mind there are visible boxes which may be a crime risk?

Have you thought about speaking with your local councilor? You can find the info online or at your nearest library. Take photos though, and perhaps list the times and dates the recovery vehicle is being parked.

ILikeBeansWithKetchup Fri 24-Mar-17 21:23:30

I speak to the local councillor about a few issues. he was not helpful about a huge planning permission issue so I can't see he'll bother with this.

I have tried contacting the (rather tin pot ) company who aren't getting back to me at present...

When a lorry parked in the layby he then parked outside my bedroom window!! sad

I only have a Corsa so don't think my car would make an appreciable dent in his parking space. But the neighbours have discussed filling the spaces...

But you have a good point about the councillor so I might try him...

The police actually weren't keen once on a car parked for three weeks outside my house so they might at least check the company has given permission.

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