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AIBU to email my MP

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sashh Fri 24-Mar-17 06:07:07

I had an email this morning from a group I'm part of.

They suggested three things people could do in the wake of the Westminster attack. Obviously nothing can undo the day's events but they suggested three simple things and I thought I may pass it on. Sorry if it has already been done, have had a 12 hour followed by a 13 hour day so have not been on much.

Anyway their suggestions

1) donate to the London Air Ambulance

2) donate to the Met Police Benevolent Fund

3) email your MP to offer support to them and their staff.

I'll post their suggestions for what can be said at the end.

So I have emailed, I am not too keen on my local MP but I have wished her well along with the Westminster 'family' and included as many people as I could think of, cleaners, catering staff, security etc.

So AIBU to email someone I don't see eye to eye with to wish them well?

content if you don't think IABU and you think it's a good idea

You say that as a constituent, you're grateful for the work your MP and their staff does for your area.
You could mention that while you may not agree on everything, you understand how hard they work.
You could say you understand it's a tough job and you know MPs don't always feel safe, and that you're thankful they do the job regardless.
Remember that MPs and their staff probably a bit shaken today so it's not the best time for politics. Today, of all days, let's focus on why we appreciate them.

barefoofdoctor Fri 24-Mar-17 06:19:04

My local MP is lazy useless and vile. There Isn' t a cat in hells chance I'd send this or similar. But that is my opinion. If you feel moved to send such a message then YANBU.

waitingforgodot Fri 24-Mar-17 06:23:30

I got same email. I have great respect for my MP however I haven't sent this as it was a bit too "paint by numbers " for my liking. I think the sentiment is spot on though but I'd rather write something of my own. This might suit those that don't see eye to eye with their MP

tillytown Fri 24-Mar-17 06:39:10

Donating blood would be more useful than emailing an MP. But then again, my MP is a dick, so maybe my view is tainted. The other two are good ideas though.

JennaRainbow Fri 24-Mar-17 06:41:58

I wouldn't because my mp is heartless and horrendous. She voted against everything I believe in.

lavenderandrose Fri 24-Mar-17 06:43:47

My MP appears affable and charming but does nothing. I mean nothing. It shook my faith in the Labour Party even before Corbyn.

Florrick Fri 24-Mar-17 08:49:53

I think all three are good ideas.

I like the London Air Ambulance and found their 'Donate' page


Don't forget to Gift Aid

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