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To not let ds keep his present from our au-pair?

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ojalele Thu 23-Mar-17 17:04:03

Our lovely au-pair gave ds a present for his 7th b-day: a real dartboard. With real darts. I also have a dd(4) and a dd(9). I'm hesitant to let him play with it. Am I being precious?

TheElephantofSurprise Thu 23-Mar-17 17:05:04

You are right. Get him a replacement present but put the dartboard away for when he's much, much older.

TheElephantofSurprise Thu 23-Mar-17 17:05:15

Over 30 maybe...

ojalele Thu 23-Mar-17 17:09:04

grin it can be his leaving present. Or wedding gift confused

ojalele Thu 23-Mar-17 17:09:51

What do I say to the au-pair?

LindyHemming Thu 23-Mar-17 17:10:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Lostwithinthehills Thu 23-Mar-17 17:11:45

I'm pretty certain I played darts with my grandad at around that age. If the rule is the game is only played with adults supervising and everybody stays behind the thrower, and maybe outdoors to save your house what is the harm?

ojalele Thu 23-Mar-17 17:12:37

Yes, that would be ok I suppose. We have a garage where we can keep the darts up high.

Thumbcat Thu 23-Mar-17 17:12:55

Seems a bit OTT to me. Just keep the darts out of reach and let him play with it when someone can supervise.

thegreylady Thu 23-Mar-17 17:13:48

My dgs got a dartboard for Christmas when he was 9. His dad keeps the darts and it is only played with with adult supervision. Under those conditions his just 8 year old brother is allowed to play. The crucial thing is that the darts stay with an adult when not being played with.

SistersOfPercy Thu 23-Mar-17 17:13:59

We used to set the dart board up on the back of the shed door for the Ds's from around 5ish. Let him play supervised.

acornsandnuts Thu 23-Mar-17 17:15:04

Play in the garage only with adult supervision. I loved my uncles garage at that age, we played darts and he also had a pool table.

MrsJayy Thu 23-Mar-17 17:16:12

Put it in the garage/shed and get a special box for the darts so he can play supervised obviously

SoulAccount Thu 23-Mar-17 17:16:22

Put the dartboard up in the garage, you keep custody of the darts.

They play when supervised.

TheRealPooTroll Thu 23-Mar-17 17:16:30

You could put it away and only get it out when you can supervise closely/the youngest isn't around. Do the elder 2 have a later bedtime? No reason why they can't all play though if you supervise well. Kids younger than your 4 yo use real tools like hammers and saws in forest schools with supervision.

soundsystem Thu 23-Mar-17 17:17:14

I played darts at that age. Agree that it can only be used under adult supervision and store the darts out of reach when not in use?

Aeroflotgirl Thu 23-Mar-17 17:17:45

Get velcro darts, or something.

Aeroflotgirl Thu 23-Mar-17 17:18:53

i used to have a dartboard as a child, but tiny child darts, not big adult ones, and it was only used when my parents supervised me.

1horatio Thu 23-Mar-17 17:23:27

Seems ok to me...
Anyhow, he's 9. Why not just teach him how to handle them safely?

If he proves he can handle them...? Although I don't think he should be allowed to play with friends, that's just disaster waiting to happen.

notangelinajolie Thu 23-Mar-17 17:25:25

We used to have a dart board in the garage. It would be ok for him to play with adult supervision. All sorts of games kids play/do can be dangerous and dart boards aren't any different. Accept graciously, say thankyou and keep the darts locked away in a safe place.

LanaKanesLeftNippleTassle Thu 23-Mar-17 17:28:10

I learnt to play darts with my Gran, who was a champion women darts player.
I started at 6, by 18 I was beating all the blokes down my local, hands down.

I was heavily supervised, and the dart board was in an appropiate place, away from straying toddlers, dogs, cats and rabbits!

Seriously, in a well supervised environment darts are good for- co-ordination, maths, eyesight and aim!

I'm still good at darts, and I'm still good at maths.

Vegansnake Thu 23-Mar-17 17:28:12

Outdoors??? My neighbors were in their garden with their new born baba,when a dart sailed over the fence and stuck in the ground by their feet..the people behind had nailed a dart board to the shed for their kids

GwenStaceyRocks Thu 23-Mar-17 17:28:17

I played darts at that age. As PPs have said, as long as it's supervised and everyone stays behind the thrower and you make sure you stay a distance away from the board (so you can't be hurt by a dart rebounding) then it's fine. Actually, it's more than fine. It's fun!

Beachedwh4le Thu 23-Mar-17 17:32:37

Agree with all, let him play supervised, it'll be fine 😁

SantasLittleMonkeyButler Thu 23-Mar-17 17:34:45

Honestly, DS1 used to play darts with his granddad at about that age.

It was his granddad's board though, kept in his shed and only ever used under supervision.

I wouldn't let a 7 year old have the set in his bedroom, but under supervision should be OK.

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