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Ceebeebies at school?

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3cupsoftea Thu 23-Mar-17 08:27:13

I'm interested to know opinions on this.
I'm pretty relaxed about screen time. I wish my child had less of it around the house but well, it happens. I was speaking to a few mums about parents evening. A few mentioned to the teacher that they were disappointed that the children (year one) watched ceebeebies during class time. There was back peddling of "they don't that much" but chatting to my child "hey what did you watch at school today?" So far it was 3 days last week and 2 this week. One day it was bing?!? At 6 years old? Thoughts?

sirfredfredgeorge Thu 23-Mar-17 08:33:34

Seems like a reasonable punishment?

BumWad Thu 23-Mar-17 08:35:09

At school?

Too much

luckylucky24 Thu 23-Mar-17 08:35:23

I don't think I would be happy about this. They should be learning. What do they get out of watching the TV?

3cupsoftea Thu 23-Mar-17 08:35:39

"Behave or I'm putting bing on!"grin

3cupsoftea Thu 23-Mar-17 08:37:36

Exactly bum and lucky.
I can remember watching the odd boring education telly at school (actually projector and reel!) but CBeebies a few times a week seems questionable

lifeisaconundrumattimes Thu 23-Mar-17 08:40:33

As a teacher I occasionally use cbeebies to help with my teaching, we watched an episode of "do you know" this term to find out about something we were learning about.

It's rare though, maybe twice a term maximum, and always for educational reasons.

Perhaps the Bing episode was used to cover a friendship issue or something to discuss at circle time?

However, two or three times a week seems extreme, even if it is being used to help with teaching.

Is it definitely happening in lesson time and not at wet play? It might occasionally happen during free time, but I'd argue that should be rare as children need (and there is real value in) time for unstructured play, not just a break in front of the TV. My golden time on a Friday is only ever a DVD or a film right at the end of term, and only if the children choose it, which they often don't!

I'd raise it with the class teacher, or possibly the deputy head? Do so in a non confrontational way, just mention it as a concern and she/he will look into it, I'm sure.

hoopdeloop Thu 23-Mar-17 08:40:57

what programmes are they watching?

hoopdeloop Thu 23-Mar-17 08:41:05

Apart from Bing

3cupsoftea Thu 23-Mar-17 08:49:33

Octonauts and gojetters also mentioned
The teacher is also the deputy head which makes it a bit awkward. She spends a lot of time non contact (1.5 days) but I do genuinely like her. She's very very kind.

Trifleorbust Thu 23-Mar-17 08:53:08

For genuine learning purposes, fine. As an occasional treat, fine.

HelenaGWells Thu 23-Mar-17 08:59:47

Our school uses it occasionally to cover specific things. You need to talk to the teacher to establish the actual amount of time.

My DS came home talking about cebeebies for about 3 weeks last term. They watched 2 episodes of alpha blocks during phonics to reinforce the specific sounds they were learning. He was so excited he kept talking about it as if it happened all the time. We've the same ATM with a science experiment they did.

Muddlingalongalone Thu 23-Mar-17 09:20:27

DD is in year 1 & they watch newsround at snack time & also watch TV for wet play.
They also use YouTube, go noodle & various other screens during the day.
If you think that it's excessive & detrimental to learning then keep complaining but 7 mins a day isn't much. Most cbeebies programmes are short. It wouldn't bother me.

BrutusMcDogface Thu 23-Mar-17 10:16:45

CBeebies is mainly educational, and if they are using episodes of programmes like alpha blocks/that new number one (it's fab), etc for educational purposes then that's fine.

We used to put it on for wet play, too.

leccybill Thu 23-Mar-17 10:21:06

My DD watched Alphablocks, Numberjacks and a few Bings last year in Y1. Doesn't bother me, it's educational and most programmes are short.
5 mins of TV on the carpet to settle them after they come in from play is really not a big deal.

Areyoufree Thu 23-Mar-17 10:55:23

I remember watching TV at school, back in the 80s. Mainly "Words and Pictures". Ugh. Now I'm going to have that "Think big big big at the beginning..." song stuck in my head all day.

Dixiechickonhols Thu 23-Mar-17 10:59:50

In reception mine used to occasionally watch that auntie mabel and pippin the dog one (Come outside). Teacher had 30 year plus experience and the children enjoyed it. It wasn't a frequent thing though.

FlyingDuck Thu 23-Mar-17 11:02:28

Last year in Y1, DS' class would often have the telly switched on to fill 10 min gaps of time, and the kids seemed to end up watching a Dinopaws or something most days. It didn't happen in the other two Y1 classes, just this one teacher, who was very stretched as head of Early Years.

It did irritate me a lot that instead of being encouraged to learn to occupy themselves, by reading or drawing, any spare time would be filled with CBeebies. They have a different teacher now in Y2, and television is an occasional treat.

OhDearToby Thu 23-Mar-17 11:03:02

Was it maybe at lunchtime when it was too wet to go outside?

That's when my dd watches TV at school.

Rainbow1987 Thu 23-Mar-17 11:08:45

My DD2 sometimes watches numtums at school (she's in reception). DS (y2) watches something called espresso newsbites once a week; he finds it fascinating and enjoys learning what goes on in the world in an age appropriate way. DD1 (y5) also watches espresso newsbites once a week, but hers is a different version to what DS watches, aimed at an older audience. I don't have a problem with it personally as it is used for educational purposes. Sometimes during wet breaktime they watch a film or are allowed to play on the laptops. X

Ca55andraMortmain Thu 23-Mar-17 11:15:29

Like pps my first thought was that it might be during wet play times. I'm a teacher and do sometimes put on an episode of something for the children if they can't go out to play.

mmgirish Thu 23-Mar-17 11:25:29

Was it wet play? If not, then YANBU. I don't think CBeebies is appropriate for school.

Nanny0gg Thu 23-Mar-17 11:32:21

I could understand Alphablocks or Numberblocks but I'm not sure about anything else unless wet play.

HeyRoly Thu 23-Mar-17 13:12:37

Reinforcing things learned in class under the guise of a treat? I fail to see a problem.

I have fond memories of trooping to the TV room, and sitting cross legged in front of Look & Read. All singing the Magic E song grin

Millionprammiles Thu 23-Mar-17 13:17:49

Dd's school show Ben & Holly if its raining during the lunchtime break. Dd prays for rain every day.

The teachers need a breather so am relaxed about it (am assuming its not educational B&H). They do lots of educational stuff.

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