Advanced search wonder if moths have invaded the East of England?

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Auntymildred Wed 22-Mar-17 15:27:44

We have just moved from the East of England to the North. It was grim: as we packed we kept finding clothes that we had in storage with great manky holes in, they had eaten through a load of wool I was saving, and worst was a small jewellery box that had dropped behind a chest of drawers. I thought I had somehow lost it and was so happy to find it, but when I opened it a bloody moth had got inside and LAID EGGS ALL OVER THE INSIDE. I was nearly a bit sick. Loads of my friends had similar problems and I swear the Lakeland in our town was doing a roaring trade in anti-moth stuff.

Up North I haven't seen a single one! Not only is the beer cheaper here, I don't have to run round capturing moths that will eat my clothes. Is it all in my head, or is it because it's a bit colder here, or what??

Auntymildred Wed 22-Mar-17 15:28:30

To clarify: moving was grim. The North is awesome.

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