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To ask for your help with sourcing an appropriate open university course?

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ferriswheel Wed 22-Mar-17 14:00:35

Im going through a really stressful time in my life. Im not usually defeated so easily but i just cant seem to navigate my way on the internet to find out about funding, never mind courses. Its a basic business type course im interested in. Thank you.

Booksandmags79 Wed 22-Mar-17 14:23:29

I've studied OU so I know a little. What I'd recommend is giving an advisor a ring (under contact us). They're really friendly and helpful and should be able to give you your options based on your circumstances. I know there is a whole section on funding but if you're already a bit fragile, then getting someone to talk you through it should make it much more painless. Good luck, I enjoyed studying with OU.

Mu123 Wed 22-Mar-17 17:38:05

Im doing business management with the ou. Q91 is the course code. What country are you in?

Mu123 Wed 22-Mar-17 17:39:37

Bailey101 Wed 22-Mar-17 17:57:17

I second what's books said - the advisors on the general query line are really helpfully and will talk you through everything. They'll also be able to help you get in touch with the right people for funding etc.

Bailey101 Wed 22-Mar-17 17:58:14

Mu123 I'm doing business management too - just coming towards the end of first year grin

Mu123 Thu 23-Mar-17 07:59:48

Me too bailey!! Really shouldnt be dithering and twiddling my thumbs on here!

AwkwardPaws27 Thu 23-Mar-17 08:41:45

If you want a more basic course to start you off, Vision2Learn offer some level 2 government funded courses, including business administration. A good starting point if you want to try a free distance learning course first x

ems137 Thu 23-Mar-17 08:47:27

I'm currently studying through OU and I receive funding from I think the applications for the September term have just opened up so you should have plenty of time to get it sorted x

remoaniac Thu 23-Mar-17 09:02:49

I would take a look at Futurelearn too - they have courses that are free to join - if you want to do the tests and get a certificate you can upgrade for a smallish fee (but far cheaper than OU courses). Once you've done a couple of those you could look at the OU.

They have a suite of business and management related courses as well as many other subjects, languages etc.

BurningBright Thu 23-Mar-17 09:17:24

OU Student Recruitment number is 0300 303 5303.

The 'starting' 'module if you are interested in Business is 'An introduction to business and management', module code B100. This module gives you 60 credits which you can count towards a qualification.

If you don't feel confident about aiming for a degree straightaway you can look at a certificate or diploma of higher education first. The links to these qualifications are and You can use the B100 module towards both of these qualifications.

Funding options depend on where you live.

BurningBright Thu 23-Mar-17 09:20:36

Link to FutureLearn:

SailAwaySailAwaySailAway Thu 23-Mar-17 09:22:23

Nothing useful to add sorry but I hope things are better for you soon.

ferriswheel Thu 23-Mar-17 10:04:22

Thank you all. I'm so pleased with all of your advice.

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