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AIBU to not want to take time off work due to stress?

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Imissmyboy Wed 22-Mar-17 08:23:15

I know that if I went to the doctor today, told him my symptoms and what is happening in my life currently, he would diagnose stress and tell me to take time off work. However I am always very busy. Of the 8 hours I am in work I am working steadily for at least 7 of them in order to keep on top of things, by this I mean I don't have time to chat to colleagues etc, I am genuinely working. If I have a days holiday, only the urgent part of my job is done, so 2 out of the 7 hours, which means when I come back in I have to work harder to make up the 5 hours. So if I am off sick with stress, my workload will just mount up and I will come back to a mountain load of work and will end up ......stressed! I have asked for help in the past, been promised it but nothing has happened. The two areas currently causing me stress, one will naturally resolve over the next few weeks anyway( hopefully) the other will resolve when I can accept the fact that I can;'t change what is causing the stress and come up with an alternative. Do I just try to cope?

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