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"When's are you planning your next child?"

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Figglesticks Tue 21-Mar-17 21:29:07

I had my DS youngish (21) and everyone in my family and my ex DPs family went ape about it. My DM went NC for three months and we had no shortage of family telling us we had ruined everything. Fast forward a few years and now I've been asked when I'm having my next one seeing as another family member I'd pregnant. My DM actually seemed hurt by me saying I wouldn't be having another.
Aibu to tell her it's none of her business or perhaps I should mention my decision is based entirely on how much hatred I received from my own family the first time around? (Specifically how much it hurt to be treated by my own mother in that way)
I've obviously not resolved my own feelings about this but really aibu to think they can fuck off asking me these sorts of things when they insist on being so bloody vile about something like that?

Fitzsimmons Tue 21-Mar-17 21:31:26

YANBU. Next time reply with "oh we're going to do it right now, do you mind giving us some space so we can get on with it? Unless you want to watch that is?"

Figglesticks Tue 21-Mar-17 21:39:03

Fitz grin I shall definitely be using that one! Assuming they haven't been put off asking again by my reaction this time... I wasn't mean I just told them straight away how it was and was rather blunt about it.

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